23 September 2020, Wednesday, 9:27
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

You Have Choice

You Have Choice

All that's left is to take a real citizen step.

Now almost every Saturday there are voluntary community works all over Homel region. It's like an epidemic. They are making money on the population. And it's all in a voluntary-compulsory manner.

As it all started with Dobrush, and there is no stopping it. And the excuses to raise funds and hold voluntary community works are easily found.

And so there is whining and resentment, whispering and complaints from all sides. But it's all quietly and in the kitchen. Well, God forbid it became known who was complaining. They are complaining, they are whining, but they go and they give the money. They show them charts with sums and figures, they sign them and give them back. But they keep whining and waiting for salvation from the outside.

Sorry, men. Are you really waiting for a prince on a white horse and salvation?

And what are you waiting for? Do you want let other people do it?

No, no, I'm not a hero and I'm not going to teach or criticize. However, I will say the following.

You have two choices in this case.

The first option is to continue to give money and go to the voluntary community works. But, please, don't whine. It certainly doesn't help. Nip it off from your family and give it to them in a voluntary-compulsory manner. That's your choice. Live in fear and be afraid. Be afraid of your own shadows.

Option 2 is not to walk and not pay. And that's where your whining ends. But it will be a real citizen's step. Afraid? And what did you think? But it certainly doesn't hurt.

So the choice is yours. A life without fear and whining.

Viktar Harbachou, Facebook