27 September 2020, Sunday, 23:49
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Lithuanian Political Scientist: BelNPP Is Part Russia's Hybrid War

Lithuanian Political Scientist: BelNPP Is Part Russia's Hybrid War

Why does Belarus need a $10 billion project that has nothing to do with the economy?

Senior analyst at the Vilnius Institute of Political Analysis Marius Laurinavičius spoke at the first congress of the Movement against the Astravets NPP. In his speech, the analyst called Astravets NPP part of the Russian hybrid war, the Charter97.org correspondent reports.

"When a $10 billion project appears at the borders, and this object has nothing to do with the economy - this is a hybrid war," - Laurinavičius said.

The political scientist reminded that Astravets is located 40 km from the Lithuanian capital, and huge amounts of mafia money are invested in this project. "This money will come to Lithuania anyway - through agents of influence. There is no need for illusions. If we do not stop this construction, the hybrid war will be here," - Laurinavičius added.

The political scientist believes that it's not too late to influence the Belarusian authorities so that the Astravets NPP project would be closed. This is facilitated by the political situation in Europe - the recent elections to the European Parliament have shown an increase in support for green parties. Marius Laurinavičius believes that Lithuania should establish cooperation with the green in the European Parliament. "It is necessary to unite and work. Now we have more diplomatic opportunities for that," - the political scientist added.

In mid-February, the first congress of the Movement against Astravets NPP was held in the Lithuanian Parliament. During the congress, the participants approved the text of a petition to the European Parliament, the collection of signatures under which goes until April 20. The petition has five demands, including sanctions against Rosatom and other companies responsible for the construction of the Astravets NPP.