30 September 2020, Wednesday, 3:10
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In January, Enterprises Fired More Employees Than Hired

In January, Enterprises Fired More Employees Than Hired

The cuts have affected industry, construction, healthcare and other sectors.

Enterprises in January fired employees more actively than hired new ones. This follows from the data of Belstat, writes tut.by. Last month 43,165 people were employed, while 3,134 more people were fired. The statistics do not include micro organizations and small organizations without departmental subordination. Journalists watched what sector most actively gave away employment record books.

The number of employed exceeded the number of those fired in organizations engaged in water supply; collection, processing and disposal of waste, pollution elimination activities (+149.1 per cent), real estate operations (+50.2 per cent). Information and communication (+27.8 per cent), mining (+22.2 per cent), education (+17.8 per cent), creativity, sports, entertainment and recreation (+16.9 per cent), temporary housing and nutrition services (+4.6 per cent), professional, scientific and technical activities (+1 per cent) more actively hired employees.

Other sectors rather fired than hired in January. Among them were construction (5.8 per cent more fired than hired), industry as a whole (-17.9 per cent), financial and insurance activities (-29.9 per cent), health and social services (-5.8 per cent).

According to Belstat, 689.8 thousand people were hired by large and medium enterprises in Belarus in 2019, while 736.1 thousand people were fired. 46.3 thousand people were fired on a net basis, which is comparable to the number of residents of Pruzhany or Pinsk districts.

Regionally, the highest net dismissals were registered in the Minsk region. A total of 9680 people were hired less than fired. There were no sphered registered with net hires at the end of 2019.