25 September 2020, Friday, 10:52
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‘It’s Important To Honor Memory Of Our Heroes Regardless Of Circumstances’

‘It’s Important To Honor Memory Of Our Heroes Regardless Of Circumstances’

Belarusians in Vilnius honored the memory of Kastus Kalinouski.

On March 22 in Vilnius, part of the Belarusian diaspora honored the memory of Kastus Kalinouski. The ceremony was held in the Lukiškės Square, where Kastus Kalinouski was executed on March 10, 1864 (March 22 Gregorian calendar). Now, a cross is installed on the spot, with the inscription in four languages: “On this place, participants of the rebellion of 1853-64, and their chieftains Sigizmund Sierakouski and Kastus Kalinouski, were executed”, the Charter97.org correspondent in Vilnius reports.

Due to the coronavirus infection outbreak, restrictive measures have been introduced in Vilnius: it is forbidden to gather in groups over 5 people. That is why the ceremony in memory of Kastus Kalinouski wasn’t massive.

“It is very important so that the tradition of honoring the memory of our heroes does not break, so that it continues every year, regardless of circumstances. As these people defended their Homeland, regardless of the circumstances and enemies in their way - they fought for our nation,” one of the participants of the solemn ceremony Kiryl Kryvitski says.

The initial plan of the ceremony included laying flowers, but florists in Vilnius do not work because of the quarantine. That is why the participants of the ceremony brought Belarusian symbols to the already installed cross in the Lukiškės Square, and lit white-red-white candles.