25 October 2020, Sunday, 2:12
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Lukashenka Is Mentally Ill And Commits Crime

Lukashenka Is Mentally Ill And Commits Crime

The hour of reckoning is at hand for Belarus.

Psychiatrist Dzmitry Shchyhelski, who in 2001 described the "mosaic psychopathy" of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, has made an open address on his Facebook page:

"About twenty years ago I addressed the citizens of the Republic of Belarus with the statement: "For mental health reasons, A. Lukashenka poses in his position an immediate danger to all the citizens of Belarus, as well as to the citizens of the neighboring states".

This was not an exaggeration, publicistic writing or the means of political struggle. It was the statement of a medical fact. In the long run, it became clear to everyone that power and its attributes are more important and valuable for Lukashenka than even his own life. The life of his subordinates has no value for him at all.

Now the country is facing the threat of pandemic of the new virus COVID-19. Lukashenka's reaction: "I call this coronavirus nothing but psychosis, and I will never change up my mind, because together with you I have already survived a lot of psychoses, and we know what it led to". This, like his other public statements, says that he has definitively lost the ability to perceive and evaluate information critically.

One does not need to have a special education to see that Lukashenka is not able to assess the situation and danger to the population realistically. Not being an epidemiologist, infectionist or virologist, I can't talk about what kind of antiepidemic measures, to what extent and in what terms it is necessary to carry out in Belarus. There are enough competent specialists in our country who, being on the spot and having the necessary information, can answer these questions. The problem is not in the absence of necessary specialists or their competence, but in the attitude of a ruler who is unable to admit his mistakes and continues to deny the very existence of the problem. The future of a significant part of the Belarusian population depends on his psychopathological complexes.

I address the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus and all members of the Cabinet of Ministers. Although all of you are the result of a quarter-century selection designed to prevent in the country the appearance of any politician other than Lukashenka, but you have relatives, including those of old age. That is why the hour of reckoning is at hand for you as well, just as for the rest of the people in our country: either you will find the courage to recognize that Lukashenka has lost the ability to perform the duties of the ruler for health reasons, or you will become accomplices in the experiment over the population of the Republic of Belarus. You and I have one country and one people, so in the face of the universal threat we should forget about political differences and old grievances. This may be your last chance to decide whether you are on the side of the nation or the dictator.

Belarusians are tolerant people, but they have a long memory. If you pretend that nothing is going on in this situation and let the situation develop according to the Italian scenario, the people will not forget it and will not forgive you. Nobody in the world today has clear and unambiguous answers about what measures are necessary and what are excessive. However, there is an understanding in all countries and in international organizations that the pandemic is a danger and must be dealt with. Ignoring the problem or refusing to take the necessary measures to fight the pandemic is not just cowardice or error, it is a crime.