5 April 2020, Sunday, 4:14
Stay at home!

Minsk Doctor: People, Hear Us, Medics

Minsk Doctor: People, Hear Us, Medics

The doctor of the 6th Minsk city policlinic has urged Belarusians to stay at home.

Medics join the call of the chief physician of the 3rd Minsk City Children's Clinical Hospital Maksim Acharetni, who urged Belarusians to join the people's quarantine and stay at home, the Basta telegram channel reports.

Katsiaryna Yarmakovich, who works at the 6th Minsk City Clinical Hospital, writes:

- My dad has been staying in the Hlubokaye district hospital since Friday. He was taken there by an ambulance with fever and shortness of breath. He fell ill after visiting the clinic on "planned issues". My sister in Hrodna has a fever of 39C at home (so far), also after contact with a sick person.

I'm not panicking. I know that everything will be fine. And yet. People, hear us medics, please!

Restrict your visits to health care facilities if your situation does not require urgent assistance! If you have symptoms of cold, fever, runny nose, etc., stay home and see a doctor, and make sure you wear a mask. You don't have to be a hero and go to work. Restrict visits to crowded places, including the use of public transport. Love your elderly (60 years +/-) relatives at a distance. Reduce travel around the country if possible. Students, I'm sure you can avoid visiting your dad and mum for a couple of months.

If you have quarantine, work from home, remember Pushkin's quarantine: it was the most productive 3 months of his work. Let's take the crown off this creature together! Stay healthy!