5 April 2020, Sunday, 3:30
Stay at home!

Basta!: Questions Left Unanswered by Karanik

Basta!: Questions Left Unanswered by Karanik

No quarantine in universities and the inaction of the authorities make students angry.

80% of the questions and comments during today's stream carried out by the leadership of the Ministries of Health and Education are critical. Does one have to say that most of them were unanswered?

There are some questions asked by students of Belarusian universities, cited by the Telegram channel Basta!

Anton Yeremeev: BELGUT. Freshman. Why no measures have been taken so far? People walk in crowded places. Military people walk in large groups. People from Turkmenistan were not examined. It's the disaster

Nastya Ni: Anastasia, BNTU, freshman. Health care regularities are completely ignored. Those who come to the policlinic are asked: no symptoms, why did you come? What kind of an attitude is this? Do you say measures are observed?

Maksim Pyshko: Good afternoon, a student of BNTU, freshman. Tell me please why do you not see a reason to close our universities and colleges, as neighbouring countries do?

Kate Sokolova: Katya 3rd course, BGAM. Hello! What about elderly teachers, professors, who are the intellectual treasure of the country? They are at risk! How to protect them if they go to work?

Andrei Lyakhovich: GSMU. Why do foreigners study online? Are Belarusian students out of danger?

Kai Haru: Hello. Why do you update the infected list once in 2-3 days? The whole world updates it several times a day. Are we doing so well? No tests, no sick people. That's great.

Pavel Homal: Vitebsk, VSMU, 3rd course. Why do the neighbouring countries introduce strict measures, but Belarus only at places? How do we manage to keep the number of infected at such a low level? It is amazing!

Alexander: BTEU, freshman. Our schedule has changed. Now students go home during the evening rush hour. What for?

Daria Kravchenko: What must happen for quarantine to be introduced in Belarus? Daria, 3rd year, BSU.