21 September 2020, Monday, 2:24
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Criminal Case Initiated Against Ezhednevnik Chief Editor Siarhei Satsuk

Criminal Case Initiated Against Ezhednevnik Chief Editor Siarhei Satsuk

The journalist is suspected of "taking a bribe."

A criminal case was brought against Siarhei Satsuk, Ezhednevnik editor-in-chief. The journalist is allegedly suspected of "taking a bribe," his wife Zhanna Satsuk informed BelaPAN, naviny.by writes.

She spoke with the duty lawyer, in the presence of whom the journalist was interrogated on March 25. The case was initiated by the Financial Investigation Department of the State Control Committee. "He is suspected of a crime. Now he is being taken to the temporary detention facility in Akrestsin Street. He will be there until Friday, and on Friday, the question of whether he is charged or released will be decided," - Zhanna Satsuk said.

According to her, on March 26, the family intends to conclude an agreement with another lawyer, who will take part in further investigative actions. "The duty lawyer is not very friendly. And he's even not on Siarhei Satsuk's side, because the lawyer himself believes that he's guilty and that his crime is obvious, as he told me. So the lawyer's position is completely a wrong one for a lawyer. It feels like he's not interested in defense in any way," - Zhanna Satsuk said.

Siarhei Satsuk was detained in the evening on March 25, when he arrived at the construction store with his wife.

His brother, Aliaksandr Satsuk, suggests that the detention may be related to the August story on the Belarus 1 TV channel about "biased articles" in Ezhednevnik. After that, according to Aliaksandr and Siarhei Satsuk, the Ezhednevnik head was threatened that he would either be killed or blown up.

Siarhei Satsuk is known for his investigative reports, one of which is about supplying Belarus with the unregistered Eupenta vaccine.