5 April 2020, Sunday, 4:13
Stay at home!

People's Quarantine In Action: Belarusians Stay Home

People's Quarantine In Action: Belarusians Stay Home

Reports from social networks.

Many Belarusians have listened to the advice of doctors and stay home. Photos and comments with hashtag #popular quarantine (#народныйкарантин) can be found in social networks, the Basta telegram channel reports:

- I'm broadcasting from my one-room apartment. Today, and the last two days, I go out only in extreme cases. I explain it by the absence of wish to wait for our state to "gather wits". I am human and, like everyone else, doomed to free choice. After all, we are responsible for our own lives. I wish everybody health and brains.

- At such a difficult moment for the whole world, we must all stay away from each other more than ever!

- We are under voluntary quarantine. It's called taking care of ourselves.