25 October 2020, Sunday, 2:27
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‘At Least Learn How To Lie, Dear Government’

‘At Least Learn How To Lie, Dear Government’

Everything is getting more wonderful and wonderful in our Belarusian “Palestines”.

Dear, very dear Ministry of Health!

Everything is getting more wonderful and wonderful in our Belarusian “Palestines”. Earlier, we were amazed that you were collecting charitable contributions to fight the coronavirus, which is not there, a new amazement befell me. Explain the following to me.

The coronavirus, which “we don’t have,” is blazing throughout the globe. The strategy of governments and physicians is approximately the same everywhere - everyone understands that at least 2/3 of the population will get it, and are doing everything to stretch the infection process over time. In order not to create a critical burden on the health systems of their countries.

It is assumed that most people will get sick with varying degrees of severity, but then the population will earn immunity at the cost of human victims. The epidemic will decline, and humanity will adapt to this infection, and maybe even invent a vaccine. The plan is clear. But I don’t understand how, in the midst of all this surviving happy humanity, we Belarusians will survive.

Indeed, from your point of view, we have practically no coronavirus, dear Ministry of Health. There are acute respiratory viral infections and conventional pneumonia. That is, residents of Belarus will not be able to acquire immunity from the coronavirus by any means. Evil and greedy neighbors all closed their borders, and we will not be able to go to them for import immunity. The import substitution in the form of acute respiratory viral infections and conventional pneumonia will be useless. And we will remain, proud and non-immunized, alone in the whole world. Well, like our football players, who are the only ones in the world who hold their republican championship. Prove their uniqueness.

And now the revived and peppy world around will return to normal life. The coronavirus will take root in it and will become a seasonal slight annoyance for local residents. Everyone will start to visit each other, to host the Olympics and Cannes festivals. And we? After all, we didn’t have the coronavirus!

This means that we will be left without immunity, and we will not be able to stick our nose anywhere abroad. Because there the virus is chained. And it will eat all strangers, not immunized, immediately. We will have to build the Great Belarusian Wall, and be proud of the fact that, thanks to the wisdom of the Great Helmsman, we simply suffered from such native pneumonia. We won’t be tourists anymore, or go to conferences and festivals, we won’t visit our relatives.

And so that we do not suffer, they just need to cut off the Internet so that we are not overcome by soulful thoughts. We will talk with the other world, as in prison: through a glass wall and a telephone receiver.

Nicer, isn’t it, dear Ministry of Health? Is this your final goal?

Learn to at least lie so that we are not ashamed to believe it, dear government. Very dear. For you cost us dearly. I'm afraid, too dearly.

Volha Mayorava, Facebook