28 January 2021, Thursday, 14:49
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During Pandemic, Belarusians Will Die Not Of Coronavirus

During Pandemic, Belarusians Will Die Not Of Coronavirus

We only learned about the death caused COVID-19 because a famous person died.

We in the family immediately came to the conclusion that we would not die from a the coronavirus during a pandemic.

They will state the cause of death in the charts of most victims: pneumonia, heart attack, hypertension, and other diseases. Only not COVID-19.

As some narrow-minded people do not understand this, I’ll explain as simply as I can: this is as if a person dies in a car crash, but they state the cause not as “death as a result of an accident”, but claim that he died of cardiac arrest, or injury. So the statistics of accidents will decline immediately. Call any experts you want, the documents are already drawn up and written in the reports.

This must not be allowed!

It’s a complete analogy with the history of swine flu, when the “acute respiratory infection” diagnosis was commonly used.

The countries of the world are fighting the virus openly and standing, looking this evil right into the eye. There is no substitution, and this is their strength. But do we have our own way and a line of behavior that is different from everyone else’s?!

Never was a lie stronger than the truth and justice. It will not happen now.

Belarus learned about the death from COVID-19 only because a well-known person died, and his loved ones committed a civil act and made all this public, in order to save someone's life in the future, showing the essence of what is happening.

So what diagnoses should be considered a fake, although written down in the patients’ charts by the doctors - pneumonia or COVID-19 ...

Where is the line of decency and deceit, and how to divide and distinguish it, if even doctors began to sign non-disclosure papers and, possibly, make the diagnoses which are necessary for statistics ?!

The world has proven that the success of the fight against COVID-19 depends on the speed of the correct measures taken, and full transparency in this matter so that the threshold of the instinct of self-preservation does not decrease, in order to increase responsibility and preventive measures and caution for the period of a pandemic.

In other words, the real picture, together with the reasonable actions of the authorities, the introduction of liability, will increase the responsible behavior of people by an order of magnitude, and this will make it possible to have a controlled process of the struggle to preserve the health of the nation, and avoid chaos and panic.

I am addressing to doctors: if you need help, write on social networks, we are doing a common thing, and we will help.

And say as it is, a strong nation accepts the challenge and copes with it, rather than running away from it.

We are all in the same boat and we need to survive now, so the price of lies is now higher than ever, because our life and the lives of our near and dear ones depend directly on this!

But the authorities have no need to look for enemies, just look around, and you will see thousands of people who are ready to support you, only you need to be sincere and honest. We are one people.