26 May 2020, Tuesday, 23:51
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Ales Krutkin: Lukashenka Must Kneel Before Doctors

Ales Krutkin: Lukashenka Must Kneel Before Doctors

Lukashenka must ask doctors to forgive him for the death of their colleagues, beggarly salaries, and humiliation.

A new video appeared on the YouTube channel of the famous blogger and activist of the European Belaru civil campaign Ales Krutkin:

“First of all, I would like to tell a few words of support to Belarusian doctors,” says Ales Krutkin. “You are now on the front line, in the trenches, you are suffering losses, we know about it, you perform heroic deeds every day, saving lives.

Fighting without basic defense, weapons and information is very difficult. Our doctors are in a very difficult situation today. There aren’t enough masks, personal protective equipment, tests ... What can I say, the whole district has a couple of lungs ventilation devices. Many doctors themselves were infected with this plague of the 21st century.

At the same time, Lukashenka has the audacity to accuse doctors of unprofessionalism, and threatens dismissal to the leadership of the Ministry of Health for providing information to bloggers and journalists. I’m afraid that after defeating the coronavirus, if the virus does not take the mad dictator with it, the doctors will simply flee abroad. They will not forgive such an attitude on the part of the authorities. Lukashenka and officials should kneel before the doctors and ask for forgiveness for their attitude to them, for the death of their colleagues, for beggarly salaries, and humiliation.

But this will be later. And today our task is to provide a reliable rear for our doctors, to ensure they have everything necessary. Below this video are links where you can provide support to those hospitals that need it.

Everything for the front, everything for the victory - these words have again become relevant.

The information that comes to us, bloggers, reminds some frontline news. The Vitsebsk region is on fire. Thousands of people are in hospitals, we regularly receive reports of deaths. No one has believed the figures of the official statistics for a long time. Almost everyone has acquaintances who got the coronavirus. What can we talk about, if among the infected there are the former untouchables - Lukashenka’s officials. The chairman of the Beshankovichy district executive committee fell ill with the coronavirus. Representatives of the regional authorities in Navapolatsk and Dokshytsy, police officers in Vorsha and Hlybokaye. Among the diseased are business leaders and security officials.

You see, the virus has no mercy on anyone - neither a hard worker from the factory, nor an official. Before it, all are equal, death threatens everyone. By the way, officials have already begun to understand this and sabotage the orders of the insane boss. Government bodies are switching over to remote work.

The Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus reports that prior to the stabilization of the epidemiological situation, personal receptions of citizens (verbal receptions) are organized by telephone.

The Executive Committee of the Ministry of Regional Affairs restricted access for strangers, the staff accept documents from the entrance only with gloves on.

In Minsk, the inter-district registration department of the State Traffic Inspectorate in the “Malinauka” car market, and the inter-district registration and examination department of the State Traffic Inspectorate in Siarou Street suspended their work.

In many cities, government offices, cafes, and bars are closing. “For technical reasons”, of course. But even so, it’s already good.

Some police officers even transfer to remote work. For example, in Myadzel and Vorsha, the local police department is actually on quarantine.

Yesterday, the virus captured new territories of the Brest region and Hrodna region, from where information about isolated cases had previously arrived. New outbreaks in Stoubtsy and Zhdanovichy of the Minsk region, Babruisk and Asipovichy of the Mahiliou region, Rechytsa and Svetlahorsk, Homel region.

All Belarus seems to be on fire. It has a fever of 40, and wheezing deadly rales in the lungs.

We no longer hope that the crazy dictator, guilty of the actual genocide of Belarus, will introduce quarantine. We introduced it ourselves. And now it’s important to convince those, who are still too carefree about the danger, to stay at home. Call 10 of your friends, tell them what to do, ask them to stay at home. Our salvation is in our hands. Our salvation is the People's Quarantine.

ALV devices, places in hospitals, tests for all will not be enough. Doctors already work 18 hours a day, many spend the night in hospitals, their numbers are being reduced. Very soon, doctors will have to choose who to disconnect from the ventilation - a young man of 30 years old, or an elderly man who is already over 60. To make it clearer - you or your elderly mother. Doctors in Italy and Spain are already facing this choice. And they will turn off your mother. Do not want to be an involuntary killer - stick to quarantine! Stay at home! Do not listen to me, listen to the doctors.

Under the video, as always, you will find the most relevant materials on today's difficult situation.

Take care of yourself and see you soon!