5 June 2020, Friday, 6:00
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Lukashenka: If I Hadn’t Closed You In Apartment, You Would Come Through That Coronavirus Out Of Bed

Lukashenka: If I Hadn’t Closed You In Apartment, You Would Come Through That Coronavirus Out Of Bed

The advice of the madman.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka once again underlined he is not going to introduce any measures of quarantine nature in Belarus due to the coronavirus epidemic, as he spoke with the representative service of the interstate television company “Mir”.

As reported by Zviazda newspaper, the dictator asked, addressing to the interviewer:

- And then again, are you sure you don’t have that coronavirus now? I’m not sure either. Imagine, I will close you up in your apartment with your wife, kid, yourself, someone else. And you don’t know whether you are sick or not. And if you have a strong immune system, and come through this illness out of bed now… I am sure that many people have already come through all viruses, including the coronavirus. So now I am closing you in your apartment, no way in, no way out… The main thing is not to forget to issue a pass in order to come out and run some errands - this is crazy, it didn’t happen even during the war, when people faced death! So I am closing you, and then, in that rotten flat of yours, some 25 or 80 meters, the coronavirus starts developing actively. What happens next? You infect everyone. And if I hadn’t closed you at home, you would come through all illness easily, out of bed. Is this scenario impossible? I know that it is possible, and let just one doctor tell me I’m wrong, - the dictator said.

According to Lukashenka, the organism must combat the infection, and for this, one needs to be in the fresh air more often, exercise and eat well.

- One clever Russian told me yesterday - you need to physically combat it. I was like - what do you mean, physically? You need to protect yourself from the danger. Sports, fresh air. You need to help your lungs. He said, we were on a diet, but here, the food rich with fats is needed. I also restricted myself. And you need to eat more butter - it turns out, fat helps to struggle with viruses. If a specialist, a scientist says so, he’s not a fool, I suppose. I support him in this, basing on my life experience, - Lukashenka said.