18 January 2021, Monday, 22:32
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Zmitser Bandarenka: Law Enforcement Officers Will Remove Lukashenka Soon

Zmitser Bandarenka: Law Enforcement Officers Will Remove Lukashenka Soon

Belarusians, do not let the dictator infect you and your families.

Coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign Zmitser Bandarenka commented on the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in Belarus to the Charter97.org website.

- Obviously, the Belarusian Ministry of Health underestimates the figures of those infected and dead from coronavirus. In your opinion, what is the real scale of the epidemic in Belarus at the moment?

- Any assessment will be approximate, because in fact, tests for coronavirus are practically not being done in Belarus on the scale they are needed. The authorities say that 30 thousand tests have been allegedly done in Belarus, but we learn from people from the regions that each patient undergoes three tests. It turns out that only 10 thousand people in the nine million country have been tested.

They like to refer to the Swedish experience lately. In the beginning, however, the Belarusian authorities and controlled media referred to the South Korean, Dutch, and British experience, but now - to the Swedish one. About 7 thousand infected with coronavirus and about 400 dead have been found in Sweden so far. Sweden has approximately the same population as Belarus, a similar climate, but only the medicine is much better, quarantine has been introduced in universities, gymnasiums and they have limited mass events to 50 people.

In Belarus, things are much worse and we can already say that there are several thousand coronavirus patients and several hundred dead in our country. The situation is most likely to develop as it did in Belgium, where it all started earlier, is also a ten million country, and there are already 20 thousand people infected with coronavirus and 1.5 thousand dead. That's what we can predict at the moment.

- Now there is more and more information about the victims of the epidemic in Belarus. People are no longer afraid, they write in social networks, saying that they or their relatives got sick. Have the Belarusians come to a certain verge?

- This happens against the background of lies of the Belarusian authorities, which are replicated by the state media. We heard in the beginning that the Belarusians, unlike citizens around the world, go through the disease easily and practically do not get infected. However, the reality is quite different, and the authorities use one method to solve problems associated with the epidemic - hockey.

Threat to independence - Lukashenka plays hockey. It is bad in the economy - Lukashenka plays hockey, driving thousands of people to toy tournaments. And now, in the midst of an epidemic, what is Lukashenka doing? Naturally, people are outraged and emotions of Belarusians, whose relatives have died, are stirred up by such behavior of the dictator and his entourage.

- The authorities do not act in a crisis situation and people self-organize. The opposition has declared the People's Quarantine, and it is quite massively passing along the country: the streets are empty, many families do not allow children in schools, restaurants and cafes are forced to close due to lack of customers. Simultaneously, an extensive charitable campaign is underway to raise funds for hospitals to buy antiviral drugs and protective equipment for doctors. Is it an instinct for self-preservation or part of the nation-building process?

- People's quarantine is wonderful and today independent journalists, bloggers, opposition leaders and active citizens are really the ones who save lives and prevent new infections. And in this regard, we can say that the civil anti-epidemiological community appears in Belarus. Belarusians show their best qualities, we have enough reasonable people.

However, people will still be infected by thousands and die by hundreds without measures at the state level, so we need to press the authorities as hard as possible to take these quarantine measures as soon as possible. Perhaps these sad statistics will force the authorities to introduce elements of quarantine measures, as they are already doing, for example, in relation to schoolchildren. Although no one has closed children's playgrounds, street access is free for schoolchildren on holiday. As far as I live in Warsaw now, it's crazy for me to see that.

In Poland, children and young people under 18 years of age without an adult escort have no right to go out into the streets, not even to walk animals - that's a serious fine. The Polish government is doing everything possible to stop the epidemic and have as few deaths as possible.

- Lukashenka's confession that he does not introduce quarantine so that the Belarusians would go through coronavirus on their feet and develop immunity - what is that? Inadequacy or manic cruelty?

- Maniacal cruelty is a manifestation of inadequacy. The Belarusian dictator has committed many crimes, but now the scale of these crimes is massive. If earlier we were talking about ethnocide in Belarus, when national symbols, national consciousness of Belarusians were destroyed through education, through mass media, through pressure on patriots, now we can already talk about elements of genocide. I do not know to what extent the term "conscious" can be used in relation to this person, but, at least, there is a plan to infect the population of Belarus.

Lukashenka has repeatedly said in the state mass media: "all of you must be sick already", "I hope that you all have gone through coronavirus on your feet". We see that a variety of groups are purposefully infected in a mass way: through working theaters, sports events with a large number of fans, a military parade, various meetings of civil servants, pressure on the leadership of schools and universities to hold classes in presence.

This is a planned policy to infect as many people as possible. It is justified by the delusional concept of collective immunity, although all normal governments understand that as many citizens as possible must be protected before a vaccine is invented and effective drugs and treatments are available. In Belarus, however, there is a mass infection, which means the planned destruction of the people.

- Perhaps it is time for the world to take action? There is an actual genocide of the people in the center of Europe. Belarusians are now writing mass letters to the World Health Organization. Will it help?

- One should do everything to draw attention to the situation in Belarus, but no measures will be taken at the international level against Lukashenka in conditions when the world pandemic is blazing.

Tomorrow it may hurt the Belarusian citizens, because the borders will be opened again, and an exception may be made for the Belarusians. Our citizens may not be allowed in the European Union, the USA, or even Ukraine.

- You stated in your recent interview that "the Belarusian army should arrest the main criminal and introduce quarantine in the country". Why the army?

- We are at a critical stage in history. In world history, including Belarusian history, during the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, there were situations when military leaders took responsibility for the fate of the country. Probably, there has been such a selection in Belarus that today not the best generals are in leading positions, but the current situation may even force them to act. I am not saying that Lukashenka's dismissal will happen literally tomorrow, but it may happen in the near future.

There will be no good news in the economy for a long time, definitely not within a couple of years. About 500 thousand men, who used to work in other countries, will return to Belarus. And what awaits them? A 10-dollar unemployment allowance, which Lukashenka will offer them? And there will be more new unemployed, because all these tractors, MAZs, BelAZs, other products of Belarusian enterprises will not be in demand in Russia, because Russia itself will not have money and will not need this equipment in the previous quantities. It will turn out that several million people will have no means of living at all. Those Belarusians will be really outraged.

The Belarusians attribute all the bad things in the country to Lukashenka today. The interests of the ruling stratum will force law enforcers to remove the dictator. Hockey as a means of solving all problems shows even them that the man is mentally ill and inadequate. People's pressure will force, including the military, to take action.

When the epidemic is over, the Belarusian opposition will not remain silent. People's protests against the authorities will be organized to bring a new government - the Government of National Salvation. It will include managers, who will deal with very complex issues that have recently arisen in the country and emerged during the years of Lukashenka's rule.

However, the most important thing today is to preserve life and health. Belarusians, do not let the dictator infect you and your families!