26 October 2020, Monday, 23:51
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Pigs Are More Important To Them

Pigs Are More Important To Them

The sluggishness of the authorities in the current situation raises many questions.

During the African swine fever, our chief specialist quickly made the decision in the "narrow circle" to save the country's pig stock. They adopted several resolutions of the Council of Ministers with amendments on immediate quarantine measures and prevention of death, dug up pig farms and even lowered instructions to hunting establishmens in order to take action.

Such concern for the health of pigs could have been attributed to nostalgia for the collective farm youth, but most likely it was much more trivial - each pig was subject to monetization and strengthened the agroreich in the former state farm director's stream of consciousness.

Against this background, the sluggishness of the authorities in the current situation raises many questions both inside and outside the country. But it comes within the context of logic and human morality. The problem for us all is that the life of a pensioner from Vitsebsk in the scale of values of the "chief specialist" costs less than that of a conventional boar from the 666th agro-town.

The population is being deliberately infected, because in the logic of the current authorities, the priority will be citizens who have survived by natural selection. However, it is they who, furious at the loss of their relatives and friends, will not leave a chance for the ruler who has fallen into marasmus to die a quiet death in the Drazdy bed.

Yaska from the vicinity of Shklou, reader of Charter97.org