30 May 2020, Saturday, 12:45
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"They Demand From Doctors: If You See Symptoms Of Coronavirus, Write Pneumonia"

"They Demand From Doctors: If You See Symptoms Of Coronavirus, Write Pneumonia"

Homel region has become a hotbed of epidemic.

The Mazyr Countdown YouTube channel has reported on the situation with coronavirus in the region. The channel provided data on Mazyr, Kalinkavichy, Buda-Kashaliova, Lelchytsy, Svetlahorsk.

The author of the channel also says with reference to his own sources that the authorities demand from doctors to hide the information under threat of dismissal:

"They demand from doctors: if you see symptoms of coronavirus, write "pneumonia" so as not to spoil the statistics. Anyone who writes anything about coronavirus is to file for dismissal. This information is from hospital employees.

We repeat Italy and China's mistakes. If the Chinese authorities had listened to doctor Ai Feng on November 17... November 17, that is, they'd been keeping quiet for over a month!!! If they hadn't kept silent, China would have been able to cordon off a small area immediately and nip the virus in its bud.

Now the solidarity of all the people of Belarus is very important. Help doctors, stay home and tell your friends and relatives about the seriousness of the epidemic. Walking in the streets, we spread the infection, we paralyze the work of doctors. Quarantine is important to delay the spread of the infection over time, to unload hospitals and thus save our people. Remember that, stay home, support the people's quarantine".