30 May 2020, Saturday, 11:41
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Son Of Polatsk Woman Who Died Of Coronavirus Files Claim Against Lukashenka To Police

Son Of Polatsk Woman Who Died Of Coronavirus Files Claim Against Lukashenka To Police

Aliaksandr Matsveyeu demands to initiate a criminal case.

On April 2, a 68-year-old woman died of pneumonia in the regional clinical hospital in Vitsebsk. She was established to have had the coronavirus infection. However, the official sources did not report her death. The information appeared on social networks on April 3, Belsat reports.

68-year-old resident of Polatsk, Lidziya Matsveyeva stayed in the neurology department in the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital for several weeks. “My mother had a backache for a long time, she started going to the doctors, she was put in the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital. And after MRI, a benign tumor was found in her spine. She underwent a surgery, it was successful. And literally two days later she began to cough, her fever rose. The diagnosis was changed three times,” commented Aliaksandr Matsveyeu, son of Lidziya Matsveyeva.

Aliaksandr Matsveyeu lives in France and cannot come to Belarus while the borders are closed. He regularly kept in touch with his mother over the phone until she was transferred to the intensive care unit. After that, relatives living in Belarus informed about the condition of the woman:

“She was prescribed antibiotics, and a few days later she was in the intensive care unit with severe pneumonia, under artificial lung ventilation. On April 2, she died. We did not receive any official comments from the hospital; it was not possible to get through. About her condition and death, we could find out only through friends of doctors. The diagnosis of the coronavirus infection was made only in the mortuary,” says one of the relatives of Lidziya Matsveyeva.

According to the relatives of the deceased woman, until Lidziya Matsveyeva was transferred to the intensive care unit, she stayed in one ward: “She was in the neurology department of the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital, she was not transferred anywhere. It was an ordinary ward, there were several people nearby. What happened to those people we do not know.”

To check this information, the journalists called the neurology department of the Vitsebsk Regional Clinical Hospital, but they advised them to contact the senior management: “Call the administration, please, I don’t have such information.”

However, no one answers the phone calls in the administration.

Aliaksandr Matsveyeu was shocked by the incident, and in desperation filed a claim to the Polatsk police department. The claim was accepted and registered under number 547 039. Here is the text of the claim:

“I demand to institute criminal proceedings against Aliaksandr Lukashenka, born on 30.08.1954, a native of the village of Kapys, the Republic of Belarus. The aforementioned, being the President of the Republic of Belarus, did not take the necessary measures to protect the population from the spread of a particularly dangerous virus, as a result of which on 02.04.2020, Lidziya Matsveyeva died in the regional clinical hospital of the city of Vitsebsk.”

Aliaksandr Matsveyeu comments on his claim as follows: “The terrible thing is that no information comes to people, the names of the victims are not officially published, everything is hidden. People should know what is happening in our country. Quarantine is necessary, doctors must be protected. ” On April 4, Lidziya Matsveyeva was buried in a closed coffin at the army cemetery in Polatsk. On the same day, police officers arrived to the relatives of the deceased with a check on the claim.

On April 5, the Ministry of Health reported the death of 8 people from the coronavirus. According to well-known media reports, among the dead from COVID-19 there was no Lidziya Matsveyeva. On the morning of April 6, official statistics provided data on 13 deaths from the coronavirus infection in Belarus. The Ministry of Health has not revealed the names of the victims.