18 January 2021, Monday, 22:40
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Five Children In Minsk Kindergarten Group Detected To Have Coronavirus

Five Children In Minsk Kindergarten Group Detected To Have Coronavirus

However, no quarantine has been announced in the kindergarten.

Minsk resident Maryna contacted the editors of tut.by (the name was changed at the request of the source). Her two children go to kindergarten #455 in Minsk. On Friday, April 3, the interlocutor continues, they were informed that the COVID-19 test of the teacher of her eldest son had a positive result. “Five children have a confirmed coronavirus.”

Families stopped taking their children to the kindergarden, but officially the institution is working, says Maryna. “Why can't you impose quarantine in the kindergarten? Then parents would be able to calmly go on sick leave with their children.”

- On Friday at 6 am, the teacher called us and said that her successor’s test for the coronavirus gave a positive result. The woman has been hospitalized, says Maryna. - My son is a first level contact. Me, my husband and another child are second level contacts. The kindergarten, she said, would work normally, but we were asked not to come.

According to the interlocutor, the ill employee worked on a replacement in another group. The parents found out who was infected from the Viber chat.

- The coronavirus tests were done only for those children who are the contacts of the first level. Five of them have been tested positive for COVID-19, - Maryna describes the situation. - Three children are now with their parents in a Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital. They took the fourth one tonight, so I don’t know yet where he was taken. Recently we were informed: another child’s coronavirus test was confirmed.

In addition, continues Maryna, in the Viber chat they reported that they took two children to the hospital who had a fever during the examination. The test of Maryna’s son came back negative. He also has no fever.

- But since he is a first-level contact, he was offered to be hospitalized for 14 days. It’s possible for me or my husband to go with him, - says Maryna. - We, like other parents from the group, refused and signed a paper that we will be in self-isolation. Moreover, we are second-level contacts.

As a result, Maryna’s husband has taken a vacation for this time, Maryna is working remotely.

- Officially, the kindergarten works, but behind the scenes all parents were asked not to bring children. At least in the group of my second child this is so. As far as I know, children do not go to the kindergarten, and on Monday even the teachers were allowed to go home, - the source said. - Since such a situation, why can’t they impose quarantine in the institution? Then parents would be able to calmly take sick leave and sit with their children at home. Now, the sick leave is only available for those who agreed to hospitalization. They told the rest, you understand what the situation is, there will be no certificates from the kindergarten, so deal with it at work. Many have been forced to leave at their own expense.

In the kindergarten they said: “Kindergarten is working. All employees work. ”

- The parents say that they have stopped taking their children to the kindergarten.

- There are no children yet, but parents call, ask, since Monday children will already attend the kindergarten.

We could not reach the education department of the administration of the Maskouski district, to which this pre-school institution belongs, neither yesterday nor today.

The attempt to get a prompt comment from the press-center of the Ministry of Health also failed. As soon as there is any, we will publish it.