18 January 2021, Monday, 23:26
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Archbishop Tadevush Kandrusievich To Ministry of Health: Why Don't You Say Anything?

Archbishop Tadevush Kandrusievich To Ministry of Health: Why Don't You Say Anything?

The head of the Catholic Church in Belarus has criticized the actions of the ministry.

During a press conference on the issue of Easter celebrations in the conditions of epidemic, Archbishop Tadevush Kandrusievich drew attention to the lack of information from the responsible government agencies, catholic.by writes.

"I don't want to go into the decisions of the state bodies, but when representatives of all religions, of all denominations gather [for a prayer in the Red Church - ed.], it's worth coming and saying something, talking together: we have many questions.

It was Palm Sunday, we were consecrating willow branches. I am not an expert in this matter, I do not know whether this water is infectious or not. On Saturday we will have to consecrate Easter food - I don't know either.

I asked the Ministry of Health: "What should we do? Why don't you say anything?!" Through you, through the media, I want to meet with someone responsible to get specific answers.

You see, the Church is doing a lot to make sure this infection doesn't happen. On Palm Sunday, the Holy Mass was held in most churches in the street, where it was possible, so that, as they say today, the "social distance" was respected. We need more answers, but they don't hear me.

Thank God, more information has already appeared, it calms people a little <...> It is very important.

I would also like to meet with someone: a lot of people come to us and we are not specialists; we do not know what to do and there is no initiative from the Ministry of Health," - the head of the Belarusian Catholic Episcopate said.

He noted the good organization of medical care and the great efforts of Belarusian doctors in the fight against the epidemic, and thanked them for their dedicated work.