1 December 2020, Tuesday, 6:19
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Honored Artist Of Belarus Nadzeya Mikulich Tells How She Is Being Treated From Coronavirus

Honored Artist Of Belarus Nadzeya Mikulich Tells How She Is Being Treated From Coronavirus

The lead singer of the bands Čaraunicy and Vierasy is in the 6th hospital in Minsk.

Honored Artist of Belarus, former lead singer of the bands Čaraunicy and Vierasy, 67-year-old singer and composer Nadzeya Mikulich fell ill due to the coronavirus infection. Now she is in the 6th hospital in Minsk.

Her husband Barys Bely, a former administrator of the Verasy band, has also been tested for the coronavirus. Nadzeya Mikulich told Svaboda over the phone about what happened to her, Radio Svaboda reports.

“My husband, I think, will also go to the hospital”

Nadzeya Mikulich has been sick since March 23.

“They treated me with antibiotics just in case, but the fever did not drop. I asked for an X-ray. The X-ray showed that I probably had left-sided pneumonia. The next day they did computed tomography, which showed bilateral pneumonia, on Saturday I was hospitalized in the 2nd hospital in Minsk. And before that they did the coronavirus test. On Monday, they called me from the sanitation and epidemiological center and said that, presumably, I had the coronavirus infection, and then I was transferred to the 6th hospital. Now I have bilateral pneumonia and coronavirus. I'm being treated.

Nadzeya Mikulich says she feels more or less normal.

- It’s just, there is no movement here. I am only allowed to be in the ward, and go to the toilet, you can’t go anywhere. When I walked down the street, I was suffocating, there was not enough air. It was hard to breathe in the last days. And it is still hard. Every day, they check the level of the oxygen saturation in my blood. It’s a bit lower than the norm - I need 100%, and I have 92%.

The singer said her husband underwent the coronavirus test on Tuesday.

- Today they came to my husband, disinfected the entire apartment. In three days there will be a result. My husband also begins to feel bad. His lips are dry. But he’s still going to the country house for a few days, and then, I think, he will also go to the hospital. We were together, we live in the same apartment.

“I sang at a concert in a sanatorium in Uzda district on March 21”

Nadzeya does not know exactly where she could become infected.

- My husband went to work, used the metro, public transport. Maybe he was a carrier. Or maybe I got it during a visit to friends, as I paid many visits recently. Everyone was healthy there, but one woman from the company is now in the intensive care unit in the same 6th hospital, like her husband. Either she infected her husband, or vice versa. She got sick on March 21, me - on March 23. The visit happened on March 18. I also sang at a concert in a sanatorium in the Uzda district on March 21. Then I felt good. And later, the temperature rose, there was weakness, I wanted to sleep all the time. Sluggishness and indifference. All bad symptoms.

Nadzeya Mikulich says that she was afraid of the coronavirus, she felt the danger.

- I didn’t go anywhere, I just walked the dog. My husband went to the post office to pick up the parcel. I didn’t go to the store. I ordered stuff through the Internet. I tried hard not to communicate with people. When we met dog lovers in the street, I was at a distance, warning that I had a temperature and I did not know what I had.

The singer says that all people in her ward have the coronavirus infection.

- Here, probably, the hospital is specialized. My wardmate in the 2nd hospital was also transported here because we were together. Then they found the coronavirus. I infected her. Such is the story. In my ward there is a woman who was brought from the 3rd hospital, and an old woman, who was brought from the ‘Snowdrop’ sanatorium yesterday night.

We are all isolated. All the wards are closed, nobody communicates with anyone. You can go to the toilet or shower. There are shared showers and toilets, not in the wards. Nurses, doctors do not seem willing to come round. There is no one at the whole floor. At the place where the nurse is supposed to sit, there is a note with her telephone number so that, if necessary, a call is made. There was a problem when an elderly lady felt bad because of her heart, we called the nurse, and she arrived after 40 minutes. Here you will die and you will not get a doctor or a nurse. They will do their job and run away ... At first I didn’t want to talk about it, but then I decided to tell it ....