4 June 2020, Thursday, 5:22
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Murderous Cowardice

Murderous Cowardice

Lukashenka and his sycophants will be tried.

Minister of Health Uladzimir Karanik, chief physician of the 1st Minsk City Clinical Hospital Dzmitry Shautsou and chief physician of the 6th City Hospital Ihar Yurkevich, along with dictator Aliaksandr Lukashenka, are personally responsible for deliberately infecting thousands of Belarusian citizens with the fatal virus.

On April 8, the Minister and chief physicians gathered at the National Press Center not in a view to tell the truth about the scope of the coronavirus epidemic and urge the authorities to introduce quarantine measures immediately, following the example of their colleagues around the world. They even did not look like doctors at all, but rather like majors of state security.

Three gloomy functionaries in strict suits were monotonously telling the Belarusians during a one-hour stream that there was no epidemic, that their relatives and friends were dying of pneumonia as part of the annual statistical "norm", that the measures taken by the authorities to limit the infection (or rather, their practical absence) were sufficient.

We certainly did not hear anything about the thousands of people who had fallen ill and, for sure, hundreds of those who had died.

They certainly didn't say that testing for coronavirus is not carried out massively (the situation in Minsk and regions is very different).

Not a word that the tests (Russian or just "invented" Belarusian ones) are of terrible quality and are not sensitive to the new virus.

Not a hint that doctors do not have effective means of protection and that there are already hundreds of infected ones among them.

The situation in Vitsebsk, where the epidemic is flaring up, was called "not frightening".

And most importantly - they did not call for quarantine, which is now the only way to stop the epidemic and save lives.

When the infected are counted in thousands, and the dead from "pneumonia" in hundreds, the plan to prevent acute respiratory infections, adopted by Minsk City Executive Committee on the same day, right after the online of the officials, is just a travesty of common sense. It's not even a band-aid solution, it's just drawing the wool over eyes of the World Health Organization experts, who (what a coincidence!) have just arrived with the inspection in Belarus.

Judge for yourself.

Kindergartens and schools are not closed. Yes, parents are allowed not to let their child in there, but will distance learning be organized for schoolchildren? It is not reported.

Some "elements" of distance learning are spelled out for universities, technical schools and colleges, but whether they will be organized is also a question, because it also says that it is necessary "to take measures to locate students at the place of study without leaving to the place of permanent residence". That is, students will continue to live in overcrowded hostels with three to four people in a room. And the formal "the use of sports facilities of these institutions by unauthorized persons not allowed" is not going to save students from infection.

The work of cafes and restaurants - this is not even funny. "The catering facilities should ensure the separation of visitors, placing tables to serve visitors at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other". Being in a closed space, common dishes, food cooked with possible violation of sanitary and epidemiological norms - all this is nonsense, the main thing is one and a half meters ... between the coffins.

Shopping centers remain open, only "group presentations" and "tasting sessions" are prohibited there.

Hotels are not closed. Cinemas will be working properly, and I am sure no one will be watching if the viewers are placed one and a half meters from each other (especially if people arrive in company).

The same is true for public transport - the number of people in one bus, tram or subway car is not regulated.

Enterprises continue to work, it is only recommended not to let people with signs of cold into offices or workshops and to cancel seminars, meetings and business trips. By the way, meetings seem to have been canceled only to protect the bosses, as employees will still share the premises.

Finally, hairdressing salons, tattoo salons, beauty salons, permanent make-up salons and other similar facilities will remain open. As a safety measure, they suggest an interval between clients in... 5 minutes.

Such measures were taken by cowardly Belarusian officials during the largest global pandemic in the last century. I wouldn't be surprised if even they are cancelled as soon as the WHO delegation leaves Belarus.

And today I want even not to say it, but to shout: doctors, nurses, fellow journalists, do not keep quiet! Tell the truth about what is happening. Silence is killing you. And if today you do not know the victims of the coronavirus personally, tomorrow your family may die.

And I'm sure that Lukashenka and his sycophants will be tried. The failure to take measures to save people alone amounts to at least three articles of the Criminal Code.

Natallia Radzina, Charter97.org Editor-in-Chief