26 May 2020, Tuesday, 22:39
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Film Director Andrei Kureichik's Father Taken to Hospital

Film Director Andrei Kureichik's Father Taken to Hospital
Andrei Kureichik

He had contact with a coronavirus patient at the MIA sanatorium.

The contact took place in March when Uladzimir Kureichik had a vacation in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Naroch.

April 8, he was hospitalized, firm director Andrei Kureichik told Radio Svaboda.

"Father is a MIA pensioner. I do not know who exactly he was in contact. But this person was sitting next to him in the dining room. They sit together. He had bilateral pneumonia back in March. It's confirmed now. Everyone close to him was taken as first-level contacts," said Andrei Kureichik.

Uladzimir Kureichik is 66 years old. At the time of hospitalization, he had a fever.

"They didn't leave him on self-insulation because he had a fever. There were no other symptoms."

According to Kureichik, his father was taken to the STD clinic on Prilukskaya Street, which has now been re-equipped for patients with COVID-19 and first and second level contacts.