22 January 2021, Friday, 12:44
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‘Vertical’ of Belarus Will Be Re-Infected and Die Out By the Election Campaign

‘Vertical’ of Belarus Will Be Re-Infected and Die Out By the Election Campaign
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Lukashenka hits his nomenclature with five Stalinist strikes.

Charter97.org talked to the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, Dzmitry Bandarenka, about the real scale of the disaster in Belarus and "elections" during the epidemic:

- The situation in the country is alarming and today Belarus is the most dangerous place on Earth. There is the highest probability of infection and death due to coronavirus. This originates from Lukashenka's policy to infect as many citizens as possible.

Though it is warm and one wants to relax, we need to strengthen security measures, precautions and self-isolation.

Today, Lukashenka has declared war against the Belarusian people and the most important thing for us is to protect our personnel in this situation. As for the parade in Minsk, on the one hand, it served as one of the ways to infect people. On the other hand, Lukashenka tried to show that he still controlled the situation. He's wrong.

I looked at the pictures of this parade, made by drones. There were three thousand participants and probably the same number of spectators.

Unfortunately, there is information that during the rehearsals, many soldiers and officers contracted coronavirus and had pneumonia. I think this parade will result in a few thousand infected. After all, the spectators and participants infected not only each other but also their families, relatives and neighbours.

I guess that at least two hundred people will die as a result of the parade. One more impulse was given to a more severe epidemic in the country.

- However, the coronavirus epidemic did not prevent Lukashenka from declaring "elections" in Belarus. What's the reason?

- Lukashenka only cares about the retention of power, not about the country and the life of the Belarusians. Today, he threw all his officials to the epidemic.

Belarus has a Stalinist regime. As we know, Stalin did not value the lives of his subordinates. Today, Lukashenka is doing the same. He hits his nomenclature with a series of Stalinist strikes.

The first strike is the absence of any quarantine measures and a ban on officials to wear masks. The second is a demonstrative celebration of Easter, visits to monasteries (everyone knows how it ended), the clean-up day. The third is the celebration of May 9 with a parade, concerts, fireworks and other shows. The fourth strike will be the celebration of July 3. Its part is the Slavic Bazaar festival. The last strike is a so-called election campaign.

One can assume that the whole vertical of Lukashenka will be re-infected and die out by the "election" date. We saw the faces of highest officials during the parade and at the "holiday" concert. They looked depressed. Someone does not go to a hospital for help, someone is trying to hide fear and hatred of Lukashenko on the bottom of a bottle.

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Let's assess the real situation: after all these campaigns, many officials will infect their loved ones and die. Yes, someone may survive severe pneumonia and, perhaps, the loss of loved ones. The fate of these people looks tragic. But it's already a WHO problem.

- How would you assess the reaction of opposition politicians to the announcement of "elections"?

- I was pleased with a reasonable assessment of the situation by the majority of Belarusian opposition politicians, movements and parties. The lives and health of Belarusians should come first. What kind of an election campaign can be during the deadly epidemic?

- What can you say about the desire of some people to take part in "elections"?

- I recommend Belarusians not to pay attention to plebes, who want to help Lukashenka to infect as many people as possible and put their lives at risk.

- What practical advice could you give Belarusians in this situation?

- To completely ignore the so-called election campaign. In the next month and a half, the situation with spreading coronavirus will become clear. Some experts predict that the morbidity rate will drop sharply during hot weather in summer.

I see the wrath of the Belarusian passionaries and aspiration of people to act. I see the indignation of what Lukashenka and his henchmen are doing. However, one needs to wait for a little, accumulate energy and strength. We see that there are cases of infection among Belarusian bloggers and activists. One shouldn't risk one's life without a reason.

It's already clear that the fate of Belarus will be decided in late summer. Lukashenka's people will be demoralized and exhausted by that time, while we must be healthy, full of energy and determined to win.

This madman fought against the epidemic with hockey, parade, fireworks, concerts, clean-up days. One can predict that due to the coronavirus pandemic GDP of Belarus will fall by 15-20% this year. Can this madman act as a crisis manager?! No way.

All experts note that the success of the countries' recovery from the crisis will depend on people's trust in the government and competent actions. Belarus has a negative level of trust in the government.

I am fully on board with the majority of Belarusians who want to get rid of Lukashenka this year and I believe this will happen.