26 May 2020, Tuesday, 10:20
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Photo Fact: New Burial Quarter Grew In Barysau Cemetery

Photo Fact: New Burial Quarter Grew In Barysau Cemetery

The local district executive committee has stopped publishing data on the number of deaths in the town.

For three weeks in a row the newspaper of the Barysau district executive committee has not published the data of the civil registry office on the number of registered deaths, although earlier it had regularly made such information public, ex-press.by reports.

This circumstance leaves a wide field for various speculations. Two mutually exclusive ones are as follows: either people have really stopped dying in Barysau, or the number of deaths is noticeably higher than usual.

As for the first hypothesis, it is refuted by the new quarter of graves, which has grown in the Aliakseyauskia cemetery for the last month.

As for the second version, there is nothing definite about it. It is quite possible that the number of deaths is the same as usual, but the district executive committee just decided not to "whip up hysteria" and give only positive news about the number of newborn babies.

It should be noted that such a decision in the current circumstances does not stop rumors and speculations, but only creates a fertile ground for them.