22 January 2021, Friday, 11:42
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Closet Fuehrers

Closet Fuehrers
Andrei Sannikov

Some naphthalene characters living in their reality gathered at the EEU summit.

I especially liked the political news regarding yesterday's "summit" of the hilarious Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

It's like a song! It's been a long time since I've enjoyed the news from the former Soviet Union.

Everything looked perfect.

Lukashenka headed that gathering. He persistently demanded all participants of this dubious company to come to Minsk. The company might have arrived, following all precautions and flying private jets. However, Lukashenka's parade of May 9 ruined everything. The participants of the EEU come up first with the situation aggravation here. It's better to stay away from Belarus now.

That's why the video format was initiated. The five-year development plan of this ridiculous EEU was on the agenda.

No, I will not even talk about their agenda and speeches. It's not about that.

Some old dudes from the closet gathered together. No one is interested either in them or the topic they discussed. They made decisions no one was interested in. After all, these are the rulers of states who determine the lives of millions of people.

It's a striking failure to meet things people are concerned about during this heavy crisis.

However, the video format of the meeting of this closet government has demonstrated that all their "summits" are nothing but a criminal waste of people's money on useless showing off.

They usually organize their meetings with great fanfare: they fly by private planes (at our expense), bring delegations of idlers (at our expense), demand pompous welcoming at airfields (at our expense), stay in mansions, elite hotels (at our expense), eat and have fun during their hangouts (at our expense), corteges, guards, beacon lights, special services (at our expense), then leave by the same token (at our expense).

Now we observe them sitting in front of the screens with an air of importance and discussing something useless. That's it.


The result, as usual, is either zero or negative. However, there are almost no losses at our expense. They certainly never expected to give the game away and prove their meetings cost three kopecks. They require hundreds of millions of people's money in every country to be spent on them.

The best thing about it is that even their controlled media were not interested in this kind of "summit". Some kind of naphthalene characters living in their reality gathered together. Each of them had his pot, but sitting in the closet.

There is a different life out there, a complicated one. It requires leadership. These closet characters failed to understand anything at all. Even during the pandemic, the main thing for them is to retain power and save the pot.

Andrei Sannikov, Facebook