22 January 2021, Friday, 0:29
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Doctors Rebelled Against BT Crew In Babruisk

Doctors Rebelled Against BT Crew In Babruisk

The medics didn't allow the propagandists to shoot a lying story.

Doctors are on strike against the BT film crew in Babruisk, the Belarus of the Brain telegram channel reports.

"The ambulance station. After appealing to the Lukashenka administration, the sorting out began, with an attempt to hush up the situation, to forget and turn it into stability and joy of what was happening. To begin with, the local authorities were collecting signatures at the substations for people to refuse their signatures under the appeal. To pretend that nothing had happened, but all of that was "libel" and "you're all lying," the report of the telegram-channel says.

"Then the circus program was intensified with the help of the BT TV channel. Two medical workers, who really got the money, were selected for the "interview," they were lucky to be in the privileged class of the confidants.

But the ambulance workers did not let the BT crew shoot the piece, and the TV channel refused to shoot the whole truth. And so the workers are holding the line around, while Krupenich (chief doctor of the BCH), Amialiusik (deputy chairman of the town executive committee) and the town trade union leader are hiding behind the fence.

At this time, the administration of the emergency station is trying to send all the activists on calls".