26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:58
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Infectious Diseases Department At Babruisk City Central Hospital Clogged With COVID-19 Patients

Infectious Diseases Department At Babruisk City Central Hospital Clogged With COVID-19 Patients

An ambulance hospital is being freed to admit the infected.

An outbreak of COVID-19 has occurred in Babruisk, Mahiliou region. The City Emergency Hospital is preparing to receive the infected. About 80 patients with pneumonia were admitted to the Central Hospital alone in one day, writes the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

“Babruisk, Emergency Hospital. My grandmother was put into therapy two weeks ago. She had increased blood pressure. A week later, the staff of the department ran in, saying that those who were feeling fine should get ready for discharge. Then a doctor came and said that a cardiologist, and attendant and a nurse had a confirmed coronavirus. My grandmother was discharged this Monday, the whole department is quarantined,” said a hospital employee.

“My girlfriend’s father was discharged home yesterday with a blood clot. They said that they would discharge everyone who could walk. The Emergency Hospital,” writes a resident of the city.

“The Babruisk City Emergency Hospital. People who are not in serious condition are being discharged. They will receive patients with pneumonia and suspected coronavirus. COVID-19 has been found in many employees,” another City Emergency Hospital employee reports.

“There is information on Babruisk. The infectious diseases department of the Babruisk Central Hospital is completely clogged with COVID-19 patients, and several more departments are filled with pneumonia cases.

Over the past 24 hours alone, about 80 people have been admitted with pneumonia and SARS. Some were sent home for treatment.”

“There are many cases of pneumonia at Belshina,” a reader writes with a reference to a relative who works in the Babruisk Central Hospital.

“I would like to talk about the disgrace that is happening in the gymnasium #2 in the city of Babruisk. There are teachers and administration workers with a confirmed coronavirus, and several workers with symptoms of this disease. There are not enough teachers and some of those who still work are forced to work in two shifts. In this case, no one informs parents about a possible threat to the health of our children,” writes a resident of Babruisk.

“Babruisk, Internatsyjanalnaya street, 72. There are infected people on the fifth floor, a family. The entrance was processed,” a reader writes.

“Babruisk district, Khima village. One person is infected. Everyone who contacted him was sent to self-isolation, and this is about 20 people,” a subscriber reports.

“The village of Khima. There are confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The rapeseed factory was closed, the workshop was sent for self-isolation,” a reader writes.

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