26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:32
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Coronavirus Wracked Priest And His Family In Drahichyn District

Coronavirus Wracked Priest And His Family In Drahichyn District

At first, the priest's wife was hospitalized with pneumonia.

It became known that in the village of Radastava, Drahichyn district, a priest with his wife had been hospitalized, the parishioners started to talk about it, Pershy Rehiyon reports.

We asked Archpriest Ioann Pinchuk, the rural dean in Drahichyn district, whether this is true or not.

"At first, his wife had one-side pneumonia, and the clergyman turned out to be a first-level contact. After a while the test results came, which confirmed the Covid-19 for both. Now they are in the hospital," - archpriest Ioann Pinchuk commented.

The church in Radastava is now closed, it has been disinfected, the parishioners say. Father Ioann explains that if there is a need, for example, to baptize a child, the parishioners can contact the priest from the village of Liakhavichy.

"The services are not held. Today, the sanitary station employees have disinfected the church. Father Serhiy from the village of Liakhavichy will serve in the church."

The Pershy Rehiyon correspondent has contacted the rector of the Holy Protection Church, Father Filip, to find out how he feels.

"I feel fine: we are staying in the infectious department of the Drahichyn CDH, no temperature. My wife feels better," - the priest of the Church of the Protection of Holy Mary answered.

Despite his illness, Father Filip congratulated everyone on the feast of John the Theologian and Nicholas the Wonderworker. He assured that everything will be fine and expressed his best wishes as a priest to his parishioners and all people.

"May all who endure this illness recover and not be ill," - the priest said.

And the most important request of the Holy Protection Church priest was that everyone not only listen to the recommendations of doctors, but also fulfill them.