26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:57
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Coronavirus Spreads In Schools Of Mahiliou Region

Coronavirus Spreads In Schools Of Mahiliou Region

New cases have been found in Bialynichy, Kirausk and Mahiliou.

"Mahiliou, School No. 25. They have taken a guy who studied in the second shift. No disinfection, no quarantine at school. Today the school works as usual," - a reader of the "Basta!" telegram-channel writes.

"School No. 2 in Bialynichy has been closed for quarantine since today. A sixth-grade pupil has suspected coronavirus," - a subscriber reports.

"Mahiliou region, Kirausk. A girl from the 7th form of secondary school No.2 has confirmed coronavirus. The school is working as usual," - a reader writes.

" Mahilio district, Bialynichy, College named after Arlouski. A student's coronavirus has been confirmed. They were also taking students from the hostel," - a reader writes.

"Vialikaya Moshchanitsa, Bialynichy district, Mahiliou region. Two teachers from the school got coronavirus. The director appealed to the Department of Education of Mahiliou regional executive committee with a proposal to close the school to quarantine. She received a refusal in response and was told to keep silent, not to inform anyone about it and not to cause panic," - a subscriber reports.

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