26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:50
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Brest Maternity Hospital Employees: Coronavirus Is Destroying City

Brest Maternity Hospital Employees: Coronavirus Is Destroying City

New information about COVID-19 in Brest region.

Readers of the Basta! telegram channel report about new cases of Covid-19 in Brest region. Coronavirus has been found in seven villages in the Stolin district.

"Brest regional maternity hospital. The gynecological department has been repurposed for patients with Covid-19. The women with bed rest are kept in the same building with the women in labor. The employees and drivers of ambulances say that Brest is being destroyed," - an employee of the maternity hospital writes.

"The town of Zhabinka, 17 Tsentralnaya Street. On Saturday, two elderly women in masks were taken by an ambulance, one of them was barely walking. Today I have already seen an ambulance there, they were disinfecting. This is the second case in our house, a whole family was sick in the first case," - a Zhabinka resident reports.

"Pinsk, distant relatives, two men are on life support. One relative has died from Covid-19," - a reader writes.

"Baranavichy, 8 Ubarevich Street. They have disinfected the 3rd entrance," - a subscriber reports.

"An ambulance arrived at 9 Ordzhonikidze Street in Baranavichy, but no one was taken. They were wearing suits, this is a neighboring house near 8 Ubarevich Street," - a reader writes.

"New cases have been registered in Stolin district, Brest region. A lot of people fell ill during the day in the villages of Alshany, Siamihostsichy, Vialikaye Maleshava, Kharomsk, Rubel, Khatamel, and the village of Hlinka, as well as in the town of Stolin," - a subscriber informs.