10 July 2020, Friday, 10:31
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'Situation Getting Worse': Homel Healthcare Workers Reveal Shocking Facts Regarding Work During COVID-19 Epidemic

'Situation Getting Worse': Homel Healthcare Workers Reveal Shocking Facts Regarding Work During COVID-19 Epidemic

An open-hearted letter from the staff of the regional clinical hospital.

The editor's office of Charter97.org received a letter from the doctors of the Homel Regional Clinical Hospital, which tells about the violations of the basic rules of the institution during the COVID-19 epidemic by the management:

- It would seem that there were so many letters about the violations committed by the leadership, but the situation is only getting worse.

Despite the supposedly sufficient amount of personal protective equipment (PPE), the employees of the Homel Regional Clinical Hospital located at 5 Lizyukou Brothers Street continue to get sick, thereby increasing the level of positive results of COVID-19 tests, and the spread of the infection in the institution among staff and patients.

In particular, we are talking about diagnostic departments, which are the first to come into contact with severe patients. A six-hour mode of operation in “plague-proof suits” was never introduced. PPE is given only when working in intensive care and infectious wards (with the permission of the head nurse!).

Work with less severe patients takes place in disposable dressing gowns (soaked, disinfected, quartzed).

According to sanitary rules, each patient should be considered as potentially infected with COVID-19.

Employees who receive a positive result are charged with violation of sanitary standards (which, of course, is not true). It is worth considering that the main number of employees do not have a proper opportunity to change clothes when leaving the dirty zone for the clean one: take a shower and go out into the clean corridor.

The main problem is that the head nurse and head of the department (and the management of some diagnostic departments) did not consider it necessary to organize the work and protection of their employees, since they did not consider it an urgent need.

In our institution, COVID-19 smears were not taken from all patients in order to reduce the number of cases. Patients were discharged without even knowing that they were infected.

And the only decision that our management was able to make was to give all their employees a negative result for the COVID-19 test so that they would not go on sick leave, and also to level up the status of the institution.