12 July 2020, Sunday, 18:23
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Here Is Why Mother Of Six Children Wants New President

Here Is Why Mother Of Six Children Wants New President

A family with many children has been unsuccessfully seeking justice for five years.

Vera and Ivan Niaronski and their six children live in two apartments with a single stair vestibule - a one-room and a two-room apartment. At the time of receiving the housing, the family had four children.

- We were deceived by 100 million, we contributed our own money to the construction of housing, but we shouldn't have paid for it, - the mother of many children said in her interview to Salidarnasts. - I applied to various bodies, including the governor's administration, but they were giving me replies with no real answer. I do not know who to make claims to. This is a mockery of a family with many children!

I met the Niaronski family at a picket of blogger Siarhei Tsikhanouski, who was recently collecting signatures in Slutsk to support the nomination of his wife to the presidency.

- We are Siarhei's subscribers, and we want to live in the country for life, - the Niaronski say. - We all want changes: both the government and officials.

Ivan Niaronski recalls what the apartment, which was built by a family with many children, looked like:

- Just concrete, without repair. There was a plastic bath, a toilet bowl and a gas stove - that's all.

According to his wife, she still pays off the housing loan.

Last year Vera was awarded the Order of Mother, but it was not the president who presented it, but the local authorities.

- We were not allowed to see Lukashenka. The executive committee said that they wouldn't bother to take two people to Minsk.

Vera suggests that the reason is that the district executive committee did not want to solve her problem.

- All large families live in small rooms, - Vera says. - They just want to shut everybody's mouth in a beautiful way, saying that they've offered housing to families with many children. Why does someone live in such large cottages (she points to the house that the head of the local vertical is building - note "S") and we have to live in such conditions - one on one?