13 July 2020, Monday, 20:48
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Minsk Resident With COVID-19: We Live Like In Horror Movie, People Just Fall Down

Minsk Resident With COVID-19: We Live Like In Horror Movie, People Just Fall Down

How many undiagnosed patients with "pneumonia" are there in the country?

A Minsk resident has written to the press service of the European Belarus civil campaign about what her family had faced with, having fallen ill with "pneumonia".

"The whole family has grappled with "covid"," - she writes. - In my opinion, the most terrible thing for our compatriots is the lack of diagnostics.

The clinic does not give a certification for a CT scan, only for the fluorography, but it shows nothing.

Our whole family got sick. We took the Sumamed antibiotic for seven days. The temperature was 37. They're going to close the sick leave.

My husband's a level 1 contact, and the swabs haven't arrived yet. We wanted to get a CT scan done - that's impossible. It costs 141 roubles in LODE, not everyone can afford it.

We were ready to find this money, as health is not something you should save on. But it was not to be. We called all the centers of Minsk, where they do CT, the closest appointment was only in 2 weeks.

I was just shocked. The clinic said the tests were okay, that everything was fine. We should go to work. Using every trick in the book, we found a way to get it done through the buddy system.

The CT results were double pneumonia. No cough, no runny nose, the temperature was 37. It seemed like everything was fine. But it wasn't. It was good that we weren't listening to the doctors. Everyone in the ward has no fever, no symptoms. The people just fall down or their backs hurt. Most people come to the hospital when they're already in serious condition.

It's like a horror movie. It's true, I would never believe it if I hadn't faced it.

How many of such people with pneumonia walk around the country? To be admitted to a hospital, you have to be diagnosed with double pneumonia. You need a CT scan to get diagnosed, and they don't do it. And you can't do it yourself.

Nothing good can be expected in our country in this situation. If there was early detection, there would be a result."