7 August 2020, Friday, 3:29
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Business Lady Demanded From CEC To Issue Two Warnings To Lukashenka

Business Lady Demanded From CEC To Issue Two Warnings To Lukashenka

The dictator has insulted the Belarusian women.

Minsk resident Kseniya Fiodarava watched the piece with Lukashenka's speech at MTZ and addressed the Central Election Commission. She asks to issue two warnings to the ruler: one for premature start of the campaign and the second for discriminatory and contradicting the law statements about the rights of women candidates for presidency. Also, the business lady asks to pass information about these public statements to the authorized bodies for their legal assessment, gazetaby.com reports.

Kseniya Fiodarava considers Lukashenka's statements to be insulting to the memory of our ancestors and women, who raised this country. She remembers her grandmothers:

"In my childhood, in the villages, where I was often sent for summer, there were almost only old ladies, the old men did not live long and there were very few of them.

And I saw the incredibly hard life of women, and the burden on their shoulders was such that few women in any country could get, I think so anyway.

After the war they used to raise collective farms, literally - they were plowing, bringing up children, running their farms and working labor days practically till the 60s of the 20th century.

The history of women's survival in my family is the survival of a woman without a man, given the number of wars, collectivization and jailings. And most of the "men's work" was done by women. Well, my grandmothers were incredibly strong. They could stand up for themselves and their children, too. I always felt their huge maternal protection, although they could not be called especially gentle and affectionate.

They raised one of them five, the other one four children after the war. They were respected and slightly feared by the collective farm chairmen, and even in those terrible times no one would have thought to say that a woman is not on an equality with men.

According to Kseniya Fiodarava, the statements of the head of state humiliate the honor and dignity of all modern girls and women.

- I am sure that the qualities necessary for the President are inherent in both the male and female sexes, and gender principles cannot affect who stands in government. In terms of governance capacity and responsibility for the country and the people, the requirements cannot be different in terms of gender principles. Let the candidate be male, let the candidate be female. The main thing is that these people are qualified.

The business lady notes in her appeal to the Central Election Commission that Lukashenka's public statement contains inaccurate information about the constitutional foundations of the state. Besides, she draws attention of the CEC to that Lukashenka publically reduces the status and political weight of women participating in the election campaign.

We remind you that earlier Viktar Babaryka demanded from the CEC to ban Lukashenka from participating in the elections. The former head of Belgazprombank, running for president of Belarus, filed a complaint with the Central Election Commission about violations of the law during the election campaign. They included coercion to vote for Lukashenka at work, insults of candidates by the dictator and other illegal actions.