15 June 2021, Tuesday, 10:30
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Belarusian Doctor: People Gave Lukashenka Ultimatum

Belarusian Doctor: People Gave Lukashenka Ultimatum

The sound of the saucepan can already be heard in Drazdy.

Thousands of Belarusians all over the world are taking to the streets to support the changes in our country. Such a wave of solidarity has never happened before. The most large-scale events have taken place in Tel Aviv, London, Warsaw, Vilnius and Berlin.

The geography of rallies is also striking - solidarity with the Belarusian political prisoners is shown in the most exotic countries, for example, in the UAE, Bali and Costa Rica.

A doctor from Minsk, Aliaksei Nosau, living in Spanish Valencia, is actively following the events in Belarus. He has harshly criticized the actions of the authorities during the COVID-19 epidemic, and supports the Belarusians, fighting for change.

The Charter97.org website talked to doctor Aliaksei Nosau about the situation in Belarus.

- Aliaksei, tell us, are you surprised with the Belarusians?

- Saying "oh, yes" - it's like not saying anything. I am amazed, every Belarusian has a germ of freedom in his soul today. People do not care if they have a leader, if they have a place to gather, if they have time to gather. They protest where they are. There are many of us and we show our solidarity.

Every Belarusian brings something new to these events. Something incredible, a super-creative movement is happening that has not yet existed in the world. Someday political scientists will pay attention to these processes, because what is happening is simply unprecedented.

- You criticized the Belarusian authorities very harshly for inaction during the coronavirus epidemic. How did COVID-19 affect the situation in the country?

- The epidemiological situation is quite serious. Such moments show the nulls of weakness of the state. If the government can't react adequately, starts making a mistake after a mistake - it only embitters people.

Let's start with the fact that no serious measures have been taken during the epidemic - the introduction of the state of emergency, taking over the expenses of the population, payment of allowances, assistance to entrepreneurs.

The fact is that the current government in Belarus has been left without a decent team. Once there were economists and managers, but today they have been replaced by "convenient" people who can't do anything "uncomfortable," can't create. The meaning of the 21st century, the century of technology, is to be able to do what others do not have, then you will be the best.

When we replace the current government, all the proposals will be taken into account. It will be possible to create entire platforms for improving the country.

Moreover, the Belarusians have shown that they can exist without the government's support. Volunteer initiative is a real concentrated solidarity, which shows that we can organize ourselves. Problems with PPE? PPE has been delivered. Even now, when there was a water problem, volunteers were the first to respond. They were the ones who delivered water to the needy. The government tried to water something with a tractor, to put up tanks, but compared to what the people did, it was a baby talk. What is there to compare?

The Belarusians are very creative and united. Has someone been unfairly fired? They have already collected so much money that he can safely look for a new job. People have been fined for nothing? They're collecting money to pay off these fines. The people are functioning without this government.

- What do your friends, acquaintances, relatives who live in Belarus say about the situation in the country?

- I have not met any people who support the current government and Lukashenka over the past few months. I've seen people who write comments for money, who sluggishly fight back and immediately go into personals. It's clear that this is their job, they are paid for their posts. Everybody thinks the same way now, thinks in our direction. The supporters of Lukashenka are antediluvians. I want to talk to these three percent people just to find out why they support this power, but I can't find them.

I don't know anybody who supports the current power. I can add that there are members of the security forces, police and military among my friends and patients.

- You have supported Belarusians who participate in the flash mob of solidarity with physicians and political prisoners. There's been a similar campaign in Spain. Tell us, how did it happen there?

- From the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, we offered to support doctors by clapping their hands. That's how it happened.

In Spain, the people disgruntled with the government launched another flash mob to show the authorities that the pots were empty. The Spaniards didn't get the idea right away. First someone rattled, then three people did. Then the whole country was rattling.

When you beat metal against metal, you get a very rich sound. I'd go out on the balcony and I'd get chills running all over my body. There was a sense of solidarity. The sound of the pot symbolized what was happening at home, in our hearts and souls.

When this noise is heard all over Belarus, when it is heard in Drazdy, then our opinion will be heard. There is no need to go against the law enforcement agencies. Our Square and solidarity are here and now. We can protest where we are. Two minutes a day is not much, but they can help us win.

- The Belarusian diaspora has also shown great solidarity. Why have events in Belarus found such a response among Belarusians who live in other countries?

- Because no matter where we are, we remain Belarusians. A couple of days ago, our diaspora in Spain also started pickets. We received permission for the July 3 rallies in Barcelona and Valencia, Madrid and all other cities are also getting ready. We will definitely decide on the day and gather all together near the Belarusian embassy in Spain. We will be standing, making some noise.

In my memory, this is the first time the Belarusians have united in Spain. A lot of them even did not know each other, but now everyone has got acquainted. We have become friends, meet and discuss projects for Belarus.

I have already contacted the Spanish socialists, who are now in power. I'm waiting for a response from the spokesman of the party so that they would support our country in the fight against dictatorship.

- You made a rather emotional statement, saying that the Belarusians have a chance to change everything this year. How not to waste this chance?

- Not to waste this chance - to explain calmly, intelligently, peacefully to the authorities that we are the majority. Our chances to win are 97%. They must understand this by August 9, 2020. Let them conduct social polls (although they have been banned), find out for themselves, it will be easier for them. We will unite and say that there are 97% of us. If our opinion is not listened to, we must take to the streets of our cities, gathering together.

I do not think that the law enforcers will be able to close this huge hole, which will be formed, because they do not have the means and capabilities for this. They won't have time to react and they won't have a chance.

As long as Lukashenka has time before August 9, the people of Belarus gave him an ultimatum. The authorities do not understand that their actions only make people angry. This is a phenomenon of "kind Belarusian hydra ", which has no poison. Yes, it was born like that, climbed out of the swamp to warm up in the sun, and then the "glorious hero" runs out and begins to chop its head. And the hydra is like this: you chop one off, three new ones appear. He chops, and we do not touch anyone, but hundreds of heads appear. So there's no way to stop us.