15 July 2020, Wednesday, 15:00
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COVID Hits Mahiliou Region: Villagers Die in Horki District

COVID Hits Mahiliou Region: Villagers Die in Horki District

There's information about new outbreaks of infection.

New cases of Covid-19 are detected in Mahiliou region. Villagers die in the Horki district. Outbreaks occur in Bialynichy and Babruisk, writes Basta! telegram channel.

"In Horki, the hospital is filled with patients with coronavirus and pneumonia. It's never happened before. People are taken from the district center and villages. New deaths come daily", writes an employee of the Central District Hospital in Horki.

"The coronavirus hit four people at the Legpromrazvitie enterprise in Babruisk. The sewing shop is under quarantine, about 200 people worked there", reports a subscriber of the channel.

"Last week, two people were buried from a village in the Horki district. An employee of the private funeral team said. I wondered how many people died in May. They said the number increased the one in previous months. There were coronavirus-positive," wrote the reader of the channel.

"The coronavirus hits Beialynichy. Several people from the local church have positive tests. There are infected among parishioners, employees of various organizations - housing and communal services, library, music school", reports the channel subscriber.