8 July 2020, Wednesday, 13:37
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Dzmitry Layeuski, Viktar Babaryka’s Lawyer, Appeals To Belarusians

Dzmitry Layeuski, Viktar Babaryka’s Lawyer, Appeals To Belarusians

The presidential candidate is in a difficult situation.

Lawyer of potential presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka Dzmitry Layeuski writes about this on Facebook.

- Exactly two weeks ago, I lived the usual life of a lawyer who has no time to do everything - you leave home early in the morning, you come back late, spend all the time in documents, with clients, in the courts, participating in the investigatory actions, mainly talking on legal topics - taking into account my specialization, these topics are not very funny, you hardly see your friends, they forget you, and you think that everyone is all the same, and in principle you doubt that there can be nob-indifferent, energetic, and jolly people somewhere.

On June 18, 2020 I experienced and continue to experience a culture shock - you people are amazing, there are so many of you, you are so friendly. And this is the first time I am writing this message, because I suddenly realized what it means when there are so many wonderful people behind us. The arrest of Viktar Babaryka, committed contrary to the law, opened a new page for the unity of Belarusians and their awareness of themselves as a nation. Forgive me for the pathos, but it really is so. He is a very Belarusian person (and I feel such things) and it just happened that he appeared at a time when, apparently, his need had taken shape.

It is not easy for him now, but he will withstand and endure. Do not stop, and continue to write letters to him, not forgetting about other people in the pre-trial detention center who also suffered.

Excuse me that I can’t answer everyone - I receive hundreds of messages and they are all wonderful and worthy of an answer, but this is physically impossible, although I read everything. Your wishes not only give strength, but also oblige.

I apologize to the journalists whose calls and messages I do not have time to answer. I try to answer, but there are many moments when I am without a phone or tablet, or when I need to urgently prepare a document, or when there’s a meeting with colleagues, or courts, or the investigatory actions. During these days, I was imbued with great respect for the media, because without you we would not have been allowed to talk to clients in jail, and, in general, many questions would probably not have been resolved. Once I read studies on social conformism, and it said that evil appears faster when there is a state of uncertainty in the society, and you make everything known, so you fight evil, and I, as a defender, am very grateful.

Two weeks ago, my blog was read by a couple of dozen people, and in principle I did not consider it some channel of communication with the world. But it's good that you are all here now, so I will share the news.

By the way, the post about people leaving the bureau is not a post about those who left, but about those who stayed. There was no pressure on anyone, I mean, what for - everyone has the right to determine their own path, therefore this topic is closed. But hundreds, if not thousands, of Belarusians responded with different offers of help, and I am so grateful to you that I don’t even know how to express it. And thanks again to my guys, you are the best!

I was not a media person before and didn’t really imagine how social networks work, but they explained to me that the appearance of haters is like a good indicator, so everything seems to be right.

There are many people to say thanks to, I apologize in advance to those about whom I have not said. I do not forget good things.

Thanks to Siarhei Zikratski - for the petition about the violation of lawyer rights. Thanks to Aleh Aheyeu - for a very kind letter on June 22, 2020 and strong words about the profession.

Thanks to the lawyers who were not afraid to take on the affairs of the Babarika family, and their supporters.

Thanks to the lawyers who help all citizens who have suffered from the expression of solidarity, and simple passers-by captured in the streets. Thank you for your courage and dedication.

When I graduated from the National State Humanitarian Lyceum named after Yakub Kolas, I well remembered the words of head teacher Lyavon Barshcheuski, who said that officials change, and with our conscience we live our whole lives.

The goal of my work is the freedom of Viktar Babaryka, and proving his innocence. It may not be fast, and it certainly will not be easy.

But we will go this way to the end. Consider this a promise.