13 August 2020, Thursday, 3:15
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Pavel Seviarynets’ Open Appeal To Christian Churches Of Belarus

Pavel Seviarynets’ Open Appeal To Christian Churches Of Belarus

There is a need to stand for the defense of the innocent.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Pavel Seviarynets has addressed to the Christian churches of Belarus with an open appeal via his Facebook page:

- Brothers and sisters!

Dear believers, priests, and bishops of the Belarusian Christian churches!

This Spring, Belarus has finally awakened from a long sleep. Thousands and thoiusands of people throughout the country come to the central squares of their cities on Sundays, forming many-kilometer queues, just to put their signature for changes. Over their heads, the white-red-white flags of our Lord Jesus Christ are waving.

It is clear that all this is not about the “election”, which do not exist in Belarus, and not about the candidates. It’s just, the time has come.

The insane regime organized a massive infection of Belarusians with the coronavirus. Instead of taking adequate measures and expressing condolences to the families of the deceased, the ruler started accusing them and the doctors.

Those who were outraged and demanded the ruler should leave at last were thrown to jails over obvious, even demonstrative, provocations.

On Sunday, May 31, the people came to the legal pickets all over Belarus to express their protest.

On Sunday, June 7, at 12.00 the pickets of freedom and solidarity will once again be held in all big cities of Belarus, with the collection of signatures for changes. On June 7, the Orthodox Church and some Protestant Churches will celebrate the Advent Day. This holiday is also called the Trinity Day, the Day of Pentecost, or the Whit Sunday (meaning the number of days that passed since the resurrection of Jesus Christ). The Catholics celebrate the Holy Trinity Day on June 7 this year.

I appeal to Head of the Belarusian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Pavel, and Archbishop of the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Sviataslau Lohvin, to Chairman of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Belarus Metropolitan Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, and the Apostolic Visitor to Greek Catholics Siarhei Hayek, to Bishop of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Leanid Mikhovich, Bishop of the Association of Full Gospel Christian Communities Leanid Varanenka, and Bishop of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches of the Seventh-day Adventists Viachaslau Buchneu, leaders of Lutheran, Reformist, and other churches of Belarus to support the truth, freedom, and justice at 12.00 on Sunday.

Often, believers and priests turn away from the obvious need to speak out in defense of the innocent, saying, “It's politics.”

This year Sunday, 12.00 is not about politics. It is about the foundations of the Christian faith.

The truth. Freedom. Justice. Solidarity.

If the election is rigged, it is not politics. It is fraud, crime and lawlessness. It is not politics to throw in prison, beat and torture those who tell the truth. This is gross violence. If the ruler insults, robs and deceives the whole nation, it is not politics. It is a tyranny and a humiliation of human dignity. If crosses are broken in Kurapaty, it is not politics at all. It is Satanism that has its roots in unrepentant communism.

The collapse of communism in Poland began when the Pope said to millions of Poles: “Let the Holy Spirit descend and restore the face of the land. This land.”

The collapse of communism in East Germany began when an ordinary evangelical pastor from Leipzig organized a prayer for freedom and invited everyone to gather for it. The weekly meetings turned into mass demonstrations, and a few weeks later the regime collapsed along with the Berlin Wall.

The collapse of communism in Romania began when the family of a Hungarian priest in Transylvania was evicted from his home - and he gathered the faithful and prayed for change.

Therefore, dear metropolitans, bishops, fathers, priests and pastors.

Enough silence. The rising Belarusian people want to hear your word. God's word. If you are silent now - the stones will sound.

Invite the faithful after the Sunday morning services - in masks, with social distance - to the allowed pickets of freedom and solidarity.

And may God come to Belarus on the Advent Day. With a summer breeze. And restore the face of the land. This land.

Long live Belarus - with God!

With respect and hope - Pavel Seviarynets, co-chair of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.