12 July 2020, Sunday, 18:25
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"Lukashenka Has Never Looked As Scared As He Is Now"

"Lukashenka Has Never Looked As Scared As He Is Now"

Five tips from a supporter of changes.

A reader of the "Basta!" telegram channel has given five tips on what to do now for those who support changes.

"Lukashenka has never looked as scared as he is now, - he writes. - Never! Not in 2006, or even in the most dangerous years for him in 2010 and 2017. It seems that even the 3% meme slightly overstates his real support. Everybody's against him, everybody hates him.

I want to share my thoughts on what we should do, how to win.

Number one. Take to the streets. Always and everywhere. To be in the streets. If you work, take a vacation. If you study, you're on vacation. Sasha was put in a tough spot with the summer elections - all pupils and students are free. Don't sit at home. Central squares, picket places - everywhere. Let him see, let him shiver with fear.

The second one. Everybody knows law enforcers and officials. Talk to them... Spare no time for that, convince them... They hate him, too. We need this hatred to manifest itself in action. We need them to be on the side of the people now.

Third. Self-organize. Don't wait for opposition leaders - the cowardly old man has always been afraid of them and will try to neutralize them. Do not wait for help from abroad. It will only happen when we ourselves start to act decisively. Call everyone who is in the contacts of the phone and the messengers. Talk to your colleagues at work. Convince them to be with you. Be leaders.

Fourth. Protect each other. Always and everywhere. Help those who are already in the streets, offer your hand to those who do not yet believe in their strength. Support Siarhei and fight for his release. Do not waste a minute of your time. The coming weeks, or maybe even days, are crucial.

Fifth. Smile to each other and say the secret password "Stop the Cockroach". Our victory is near."

We remind that today at 18.00 in Minsk near GUM there will be a legal picket in support of the Tsikhanouskis.