12 July 2020, Sunday, 18:13
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

This Is Flawless Victory

This Is Flawless Victory

People sign against Lukashenka in mass in Berazino.

It's urgent! Tell him. If anyone in epaulets or without them is reading it now. Be sure to convey only honest information. As long as it is broadcasting and frightening everyone and everything from all the screens and in all the media, people have expressed their attitude as it is! While the trough-makers are licking and attacking to justify themselves, people have quietly queued up and put their signatures on the line.

Berazino. A district "small town". Today. It's a normal weekday. An everyday picket for Tsikhanouskaya. (Anybody but him). The center of Berazino. From 3:00 to 2:00. And? 750 signatures and still there are those willing. There were not enough signature sheets. Do you understand? And it's just an afternoon picket in a district town. Tell him if there's anyone out there with a head. The people are tired. They're very tired. They can't live like this anymore.

And that's people's answer to the lies of power. And for the record. The population of Berazino is 1,800. Let's eliminate those under 18 years old and? In just one picket, in one day, almost 10% of the adult population of this town have signed up! This is a flawless victory!

Good luck to everyone and we will succeed in it all.

Viktar Harbachou, Facebook