15 July 2020, Wednesday, 14:47
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Viktar Babaryka Appealed To Officers

Viktar Babaryka Appealed To Officers

We must return the notion of the officers' honor.

On June 4, presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka met with members of his initiative group in Vitsebsk. One of the questions was about "people in epaulets".

- Good evening, my name is Pavel, I am a member of the initiative group. Viktar, please answer this question: how do you feel about people in epaulets? I am a reserve officer myself.

- People in epaulets are people who, unlike many of us, have the notion of the officer's honor. The humiliation that officers now feel from the power - poking, the generals are afraid to raise their eyes from the table... How can they look into the eyes of the enemy or into the eyes of their family after that? Therefore, I believe, creating conditions under which an officer clearly understands that there is a profession - to defend the homeland. The profession of defending the homeland is a worthy one, the profession of defending people is a worthy one. And that is why it is necessary to restore the notion of the officer's honor, respect for this profession, so that our officers look proudly at the world and look proudly in the eyes of their children, - Viktar Babaryka said.