15 August 2020, Saturday, 20:23
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Time To Act

Time To Act

Lukashenka is a discard.

He has no chances of staying in power. The question is as follows though: whether he leaves in the nearest month, or after the disgrace he calls “election”. And it’s not only the time that makes a difference, but also the cost of the insane usurper’s staying in power for several more months.

It is obvious that Lukashenka, in a state of fear and exacerbated paranoia, will continue repressions, and they will affect already not just presidential candidates and opposition leaders - he will start revenging upon those businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, officials, and representatives of the creative intelligentsia, who have massively stood against him today.

If we want to survive, we must remove the dictator as soon as possible. For this, we should stop the useless horns locking with the system, like writing complaints to various offices. With sadness, I observe the headquarters of Viktar Babaryka getting too carried away by this rubbish instead of the real struggle for their leader.

All this paperwork is a waste of time, and a clear draw-off of the protest potential. Don’t waste your energy and strength on bureaucracy - you will not paralyze it, it lives on the endless circulation of people’s complaints. No matter whether we want it or not, there is no other way from the dictatorial regime to the democratic system, but the street activity of the people.

Along with the activity inside the country, the international solidarity is extremely important. A wave of actions of solidarity with Belarus flooded the planet, it is really impressive. But now we need to proceed to specific political steps. We should demand from the Western states governments that they impose sanctions on the illegitimate and criminal regime of Lukashenka.

Arrests of presidential candidates, opposition leaders and bloggers, tortures of the people in jails, arbitrary detentions of citizens, blocking of independent websites, censorship in the media - all those are reasons for the introduction of visa restrictions against the Belarusian officials, guilty of crimes, as well as for imposing economic sanctions against the regime as a whole.

Dear Belarusians abroad, demand the following from the governments of your countries: to stop political support for the Lukashenka regime, as well as to freeze high-level contacts; to terminate all sorts of financial assistance to the state bodies of the Republic of Belarus; to stop trading relations with the Belarusian state-owned enterprises; to minimize bank and financial transactions with the state counter-agents; to take measures on suspension of negotiations with Belarus on the issues that interest the authorities; to renew the sanctions against the Belarusian officials, who are in charge of repressions and political persecution.

The criminals that have stuck in power fear sanctions most of all. This is their linchpin.

So, let us take action inside the country and abroad: for the sake of saving the people, and Belarus.

Natallia Radzina, Editor-in-Chief at Charter97.org website