8 August 2020, Saturday, 21:03
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Weather Suggests Taking A Walk!

Weather Suggests Taking A Walk!

And we will take as many walks as needed, till we destroy the cockroach.

Participants of the protest-oriented chats are discussing the actions taking place every evening in the Belarusian towns and cities, from bicycle rides to evening walks, writes the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

“What could possibly be better than an evening walk? It’s very nice outside, everyone is smiling, even coffee gets tastier. I suggest writing 97% on coffee cups in order to recognize each other!”

“Even the weather seems to be suggesting - take a walk! And we will take as many walks as necessary till we destroy the cockroach. It’s probably our only movement which no riot policeman can possibly have a go at, even if he wants it badly.”

“We need to walk, guys, it’s good and useful for your health, stop sitting at home staring at your monitors, time to learn how to get out of your rabbit holes finally. It’s a consistent pattern: the stronger our hearts are, the weaker the cockroach’s is.”

“A protest walk is something brilliant, because it’s like you are doing nothing special, but the authorities know it is done to irritate them, and grit their teeth in anger.”

“A flash mob with pots, bicycle rides, cars honking - it may seem, what else can be invented? A walk, that's good. I must confess I walked less, and not as often, before. Now I take a walk every day after the “balcony concert”, and I believe I will continue this tradition after the victory. because, it’s a pleasure to walk in a free country.”

“I always honk at 7 p.m. no matter where I am, if I am driving at the time. And somebody would always join.”

“I have never thought I could become a fan of a healthy lifestyle. I took a bike out of the basement, and walk every evening. Life is amazing.”