15 June 2021, Tuesday, 9:06
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Saving Private Neophyte

Saving Private Neophyte
Andrei Sannikov

Grim truth from a presidential candidate.

There is an unwritten rule: if a person goes to prison for political reason in a dictatorship, put aside your disagreements and fight for him as it's your close ally, writes leader of the European Belarus civil campaign, Andrei Sannikov.

Belarus did not immediately accept this rule. However, when it was, our joint efforts could release many people.

Who are we?

Those whom Sasha 3% and every political neophyte try to call marginal.

Those whom Lukashenka is most afraid of. Because we act not for money but in principle and until Belarus wins, not another taleteller.

This rule excludes criticism of the one who is behind bars if he is a political prisoner. We release him then deal with the matter.

Stop coming up with rotten constructions like "out of politics", "over a fight" or "the world is not as black and white as it seems to you when you get to know it".

In a dictatorship, any timid move aside from the dictator driven by the best intentions to help a homunculus look human is treated as an escape and bears penalty as hard as the ruler's fear.

Whatever you call yourself, you have long been counted and registered as opposition, the very one that scares you so much. Will you finally stop weaving?

I believe that every person, who has not lost his moral guidelines, must join the opposition in the dictatorship. Those who are "over a fight", just play hankey-pankey. They tend to work for the regime, get certain dividends from the dictatorship, estimated at specific sums and living comforts.

I mean the urgent release of all political prisoners with all available methods.

But I do not see at all that Viktar Babaryka's team wants to release him and Edward. By the way, this team has a very specific style of communication: they never mention any names. As if there is no one outside their world, no history of resistance in Belarus. As if there are no people who sacrificed their lives for freedom in Belarus.

I will also stick to their style, especially since their names are not disclosed for some reason, with rare exceptions.

This "coolest team" has done and is doing nothing to release its leader. They are scared not only of the words "opposition" or "dictatorship" but the very mentioning of protests. Hundreds of thousands of signatures were cynically thrown by criminals from the CEC into the garbage can. Where is their tough response? Where is the urge to people to do anything, not stay idle?

These are not signatures for the "team" or even for Babaryka. These are signatures for the change of power in Belarus.

In general, I think there is no team there. Viktar Babaryka will be behind bars for a long time if his team doesn't realise that they should act, not make hearts with their fingers.

To begin with, it would be great to learn such words:

- dictatorship

- protest

- Square

- political prisoners

- sanctions

And not afraid to pronounce them.

One can pronounce by syllables: Tsi-kha-nouski, Stat-ke-vich, Se-via-ry-nets, Mi-ka-lay-chyk.

Then the names of the neophytes can become heroic. One can easily prove one's cool in the current situation. In public and without fear.

The transformation of a neophyte into a hero is great because it has no reverse process.

It is time to save Belarus. Let us save Babaryka as well.

Andrei Sannikov, Facebook