13 June 2021, Sunday, 23:35
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"For Your Children And Grandchildren's Sake - Stand By Their Side"

"For Your Children And Grandchildren's Sake - Stand By Their Side"

A Belarusian father has shared how he stopped being a "general of couch troops".

What has changed the attitude of a common Belarusian, who decided to get off the sofa? The European Belarus telegram channel has published an emotional letter from the reader:

"I'm 30 years old, I've almost lived half of my life, - the Belarusian, who has recently become a father, writes. - I'll say honestly: I'm tired, tired of being afraid, tired of being silent.

I've never been an active citizen before. I was silent, I was brave only sitting on the sofa, I was a general of the sofa troops.

What has changed? I have got a child. A wonderful little man who doesn't know or understand where he lives, in what country, within what system. I speak with full responsibility: I am ready to rip the throat of anyone who wants to hurt my child. And right now the system, led by the self-appointed people, is trenching upon my child's freedom. I can't imagine the moment when he asks, "Daddy, why are we living like this? Why are these people beating up other people? And the scariest question he can ask me. "Daddy, why didn't you protect me?"

I understand that if I don't say something today, my children won't have tomorrow.

If you're not 20 years old and you don't say anything today, tomorrow your youth and your future will be stolen.

If you're under 30, your children's life could be stolen from them.

If you are under 45, 26 years of your life have already been stolen from you, and if you are over 45, then you made mistakes in 1994, 1996, 2004 and you are responsible for what is happening because you let it happen.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, so I ask you to correct your mistakes of the past. For the sake of your children and grandchildren, stand by their side. We've stayed silent many times, will we stay silent again?

There are so many of us. A lot of us don't have the support, don't have the shoulder to get up. So I ask you not to be silent, but to speak. Speak loudly!"