8 August 2020, Saturday, 21:20
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Photo Fact: "Cockroach" Connected To Catheter

Photo Fact: "Cockroach" Connected To Catheter

Is his health that bad?

In a video published yesterday by the press service of the ruler, you can see a bandage on Lukashenka's right hand. And on closer inspection, you can see the cap of the catheter.

"Does he have trouble with his heart from time to time? Or did he fall victim to the coronapsychosis?" - the nexta_live telegram channel writes.

"Either the old man broke his hand, hysterically knocking on the table with his fist, or someone in his inner circle broke his hand so that he wouldn't sign the idiotic decrees.

Or Sasha has accepted the inevitable and is preparing to welcome the new president, having put a white ribbon on his right hand beforehand.

And the pouches under the eyes are getting worse...

Nothing to worry about, Sasha, it'll all be over soon," - the Basta telegram channel commented on the situation.