8 August 2020, Saturday, 20:42
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Director, Employees Of Hrodna Sports Complex Demonstratively Quit Lukashenka Trade Union

Director, Employees Of Hrodna Sports Complex Demonstratively Quit Lukashenka Trade Union

An open letter from Viktar Shumel.

The director of the Hrodna central sports complex Nioman wrote an open letter to Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, Head of Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s initiative group Mikhail Orda. Viktar Shumel asks to openly refuse to support any presidential candidate by the trade unions, while maintaining neutrality on this issue, and to make an open statement. The director of CSC Nioman himself, and many of its employees, according to him, wrote applications to quit the trade unions, tut.by writes.

- There are so many outrageous things that I decided to risk this minimum - the job. Yes, many of us have written applications, the majority - from August 1. This decision of the people stirred up superior organizations. They tried to convince people not to leave the trade unions. And I decided, so that no one should think that I was organizing some kind of revolution in the organization, trying to lure people in one direction, to write a personal appeal on my own behalf, ” Viktar Shumel has commented on his open letter.

He said that he had sent it to Orda by both email and regular mail. Viktar Shumel also posted the text of the open letter on social networks.

The reason for his indignation was the words of Mikhail Orda that the trade unions adopted a statement in support of Lukashenka on July 15.

“And we, the workers' organization, have decided to support Aliaksandr Lukashenka in the upcoming elections. This is our common decision,” said head of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Mikhail Orda. Then he called on all people “to make a correct and balanced choice in favor of a person who, in any situation, defends the interests of our state and people”.

In the letter to Orda, Viktar Shumel says that such actions of the chairman of the trade unions federation caused discontent in the team and many, including the director of the CSC himself, submitted applications to leave the trade unions. The main reason for dissatisfaction is disagreement with the point of view of Mikhail Orda about supporting one presidential candidate.

“The decision you mentioned is far from being “common”... I do not share the point of view that you expressed, including on my behalf as a member of the trade union, therefore I do not want to be a member of your organization and take part in its financing,” the open letter says.

Viktar Shumel is convinced that trade unions should be primarily concerned with protecting the rights of workers, and therefore asks Mikhail Orda to abandon statements that do not relate to the direct activities of trade unions, as well as from supporting any presidential candidates, while maintaining neutrality.

- I never hid my opinion, but I did not always defend it, I made compromises. Now, I think, is exactly the time when you need to speak openly and defend your legitimate opinion. And even if not for your own good, so for the common good, the good of our children. This may lead to difficulties in the short term - but I think it will turn into advantages in the long term anyway, - he wrote on his Facebook.

Viktar Shumel has headed the CSC Nioman since 2017. Prior to that, he worked as an inspector, and then as head of the Karobchytsy Olympus active recreation park, a structural unit of the Nioman CSC. Candidate Master of Sports in Orienteering. Has a referee category “Referee in sports of the national category of the Republic of Belarus”. An active participant and organizer of various sports competitions: the championships of the Hrodna region and Belarus in track and field cross and mountain bike, the Hrodna city orienteering cup, which is the start of the world ranking, the “Hrodna Night Ten” track and field run, and others.