20 June 2021, Sunday, 7:24
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"Out Of Politics" - It Never Happens

"Out Of Politics" - It Never Happens
AndreI Tkachou

What is happening in the country concerns all Belarusians.

I have one very bad trait. I'm very ashamed of it, but there's nothing I can do about it. I always sincerely rejoice when my friends, who have been "out of politics," face the lawlessness and injustice on the part of the state, famous fitness trainer, public activist Andrei Tkachou writes on Facebook by his personal example.

And for some reason they always wonder sincerely, why on earth, we didn't do anything, didn't violate anything, why we were rouned up/arrested/ fined? And this jeremiad begins with all the following tears and indignations.

And all that is because, you, my dear, with your apolitical nature, legal nihilism, allowed to bring the country to this very state. For some reason, you, who are not interested in politics, have never been indignant when dozens of innocent people were arrested and imprisoned, because it did not concern you. When all the laws of ethics, morality, right and common sense in the book were broken, you lived your life, wearing pink glasses, with unicorns on the lawns.

"That doesn't concern me." So that's not true. It concerns you. Everyone. Sooner or later.

So my joy grows not out of gloat, but out of the thought that maybe finally you'll open your eyes and see all that hell happening in our country and you'll understand that you have to do something about it. After all, revolutions must take place not in the streets, but first of all in the heads.