8 August 2020, Saturday, 12:07
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Minsk Restaurateur Prakopjeu Sold All His Venues

Minsk Restaurateur Prakopjeu Sold All His Venues

The businessman has decided to leave Belarus.

Famous restaurateur Vadzim Prakopjeu confirmed the information about his decision to leave Belarus in an interview with Relax.by.

- I've been going to it all my life - I really wanted to open a restaurant abroad. And I got this prospect in March: then I flew to Singapore to study the market, - he said.

According to the restaurateur, this city is fundamentally different from Minsk, as "the number of millionaires per square centimeter is off the scale. Such prospects have prompted the restaurateur to sell his Belarusian businesses, rather than deal with them simultaneously.

- Leaving and being hired and leaving to become a small investor are two different things. I chose the second one because it is more correct, - he added.

Prakopjeu does not attribute his departure to political reasons, although in recent months he has shown unprecedented public activity. In May, the businessman recorded a harsh appeal to the authorities, wondering "why the state is humiliating us," and founded the Association of Restaurateurs of Belarus to help owners of cafes and restaurants to fight for their rights.

A few weeks later the restaurateur also met with presidential candidates Viktar Babaryka and Valer Tsepkala to get their support in saving the restaurant business.