11 August 2020, Tuesday, 21:21
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Young mother: We Must Rattle Pots, Stand In Chains In Streets, Come Out To Squares

Young mother: We Must Rattle Pots, Stand In Chains In Streets, Come Out To Squares

It's not a high price to pay for a decent life for our children.

The "Basta!" telegram channel has published a letter from a young woman from Minsk who has recently become a mother.

"In May, I became a mother, my daughter was born, she was called Liudmila, - the resident of Minsk writes. - I am not going to tell you about all the circles of hell because of medicine in the era of coronavirus epidemic, but I'll say that it was all really terrible.

I'm a mother now and I have to think about the future. And the first question - is there a future for me and my daughter under Lukashenka?

I think about my life, I'm 23 years old and I realize that I haven't lived at all. I was watching my parents' eternal struggle for another penny, I saw them getting older, working for me and my brother, I saw my mother's nervous breakdowns when she had no money to buy me an outfit for the graduation party in the 11th form. I remember very well how my non-drinking father got injured at MAZ, became disabled and got nothing for it, because he was supposedly "drunk." I remember everything and I don't want to give such memories to my daughter.

My brother left for the U.S. five years ago, right after graduation, he is a radioecologist, but in the country affected by Chernobyl he did not find a proper job, and there was a prestigious and highly paid one there.

I don't want to leave, my parents are here, my home. I want it to be nice here, to have a life. Both me and my husband would do anything for this. If there's need to rattle pots, to stand up in a chain in the streets, if there's need to go out into the square, we'll do it. It's not the high cost of a good life for our daughter."